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Stephen Colbert Proves Sarah Palin’s Paul Revere Theory Correct

”Colbert Report“ host horses around in the name of historical accuracy

Don't worry, Sarah Palin; Stephen Colbert has your back.

The "Colbert Report" host chimed in on the controversy over Sarah Palin's interpretation of Paul Revere's famous ride on Monday night's show, irrefutably proving that the former vice presidential (and future presidential?) candidate was correct in her contention that Revere rode through the countryside in part to warn the British not to mess with the colonies.

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Harnessing the power of historical reenactment (along with a mechanical horse that was likely boosted from the front of a drug store), Colbert demonstrated how it was absolutely possible for Revere to ring a bell and fire off warning shots to the British, all while riding a steed. And probably rubbing his belly and the top of his head simultaneously too.

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Watch the video and enlighten yourself about a pivotal moment in American history.