Stephen Colbert Sings ‘Mueller Claus Is Coming to Town’ to Trump, Paul Manafort (Video)

“He sees you when you’re tweeting/He knows your hair is fake”

‘Tis the season for an investigation into the president of the United States and his political cronies. In that Christmas spirit, Stephen Colbert revised the lyrics of “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town” to strike fear into Donald Trump, Paul Manafort and anyone else that former FBI Director Robert Mueller is currently probing.

“I hope everybody had a happy Thanksgiving while we were off,” the “Late Show” host said to kick off his Wednesday monologue. “Of course, now we kick off a very special season: We’re all waiting for that magical man to check his Naughty and Nice list, because, Mueller Claus is coming to town!”

Here are the lyrics: “He sees you when you’re tweeting/He knows your hair is fake/He knows when you’ve been bad or bad/’cause you’re bad for goodness sake!”

Colbert threw in an extra “You’re bad!” for good measure.

Watch the video above to enjoy much more at Manafort’s — whom Colbert dubbed “Ray Liotta in the role of a lifetime” — expense.