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Stephen Colbert: ‘Upskirting is Legal, Let Freedom Ring!’ (Video)

”The Colbert Report“ host takes a moment to honor Michael Robertson for boldly photographing up women’s skirts

Stephen Colbert hailed a Massachusetts Supreme Court ruling making it legal to photograph underneath a person’s clothing without their permission as a landmark for civil rights.

“Upskirting is legal,” “The Colbert Report” host said on Thursday’s show. “Let freedom ring.”

“This decision means that upskirting Americans no longer have to sit at the back of the bus,” he added. “Now they can lay down on the floor like they like.”

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Colbert said the law isn’t just a step forward for men with a loose appreciation of personal boundaries. Women can partake in the sordid snapping as well.

“For any ladies who might be upset out there, remember Massachusetts has given you the right to upskirt too,” Colbert said. “So if you’re next to a sexy young highlander, you just grab your phone and you snap a pic of his bag pipe.”

It’s all thanks to Michael Robertson, a Massachusetts man who was arrested in 2010 for taking photos up female trolley rider’s skirts.

“I would not be surprised if one day someone builds a statue to honor Michael Robertson,” Colbert said. “One assumes right under the Statue of Liberty.”

Watch the video:

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