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Steve Carell Urges Princeton Grads to Suffer (Video)

Former "The Office" star Steve Carell says that the kids of today should feel just as humiliated as he did when he was their age

Steve Carell has a message for the leaders of tomorrow: Get in touch with the pain that the world will throw your way.

Former "The Office" star Carell dropped in at Princeton University to address the 2012 graduates before they ditch their caps and gowns for briefcases and mortgage payments.

Carell — who's made a career of bringing cringe-inducing, awkward moments to the screen — cautioned the students in attendance that modern technology — Twitter, email, texting, etc. — have shielded them from the bald-faced rejection that shaped him in his formative years.

"When I was in college, I would not text a girl to ask her out on a date. I would ask her in person, one human to another," Carell said. "When she said no, which she always did, I would suffer the humiliation and self-loathing a young man or woman needs for growth.

"My point is, I suffered, and you should have to suffer, too," Carell continued. "You are young, and because of that, you are wrong."

Watch Carell teach the youth of today about old-school rejection in the video.