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‘Stranger Things': Here’s How the Netflix Hit Plays With Fans on Twitter

Hulu’s ”Difficult People“ also generates plenty of buzz online

In an effort to keep up with major broadcast networks, many streaming OTT services have recently debuted some big shows. Last week alone saw the premiere of Netflix’s “Stranger Things” and the return of Hulu fan favorite “Difficult People.”

Canvs, the language analytics company that measures emotions around content, took a closer look to gauge fans’ emotional response to each new original in its first three days available.

From its July 12 launch through July 14, Hulu’s Season 2 of “Difficult People” prompted 732 Emotional Responses (ERs) out of 1,696 tweets. The main ERs fell into the following categories: “love” (23.5 percent), “excited” (15.3 percent), “angry” (14.6 percent), “funny” (13.8 percent) and “hate” (6.1 percent).

Although that show has a dedicated fan base due to its all-star cast and executive producer Amy Poehler, it was no match for the premiere of “Stranger Things.”

This past weekend, from its July 15 launch through July 17, Netflix’s “Stranger Things” proved that fans had one thing on their agenda: binging.

From Friday to Sunday, Canvs detected 18,031 ERs out of 34,020 tweets captured by Nielsen about “Stranger Things,” with 53 percent of tweets expressing some sort of viewer emotion. The main ERs fell into the “enjoy” (18.3 percent), “happy” (5.6 percent), “addicted” (3.7 percent) and “excited” (3.2 percent) categories, with “love” dominating at 48.8 percent.

Some popular terms throughout the weekend even included “binge watch,” which was found in 4.1 percent of all ERs, and “finished” (3.7 percent).

Everything from the unusual and interesting plot to the brilliant performance by Winona Ryder had fans in a frenzy, and many are already begging for a Season 2.