Taylor Swift Dances ‘Like No One’s Watching’ to The Darkness in New Apple Music Ad (Video)

This is the singer’s third commercial for the streaming service so far

In Taylor Swift‘s latest Apple Music commercial, the singer has a dance party to The Darkness’ 2003 hit “I Believe in a Thing Called Love.”

“Dance like no one’s watching,” Swift tweeted on Thursday.

In the video, the “Blank Space” singer sings her heart out, frolicking around her house and hopping on chairs and sofas and ottomans.

This is Swift’s third commercial for the streaming service. In April, she made headlines with an ad in which she runs on the treadmill but falls flat on her face, because Apple Music is “distractingly good.”

Later that month, a second commercial featured Swift jumping around lip syncing and dancing to Jimmy Eat World’s hit “The Middle.”

Apple and Swift have been BFFs since burying a hatchet over artists payments during the service’s three-month free trials last year.

As the company was ramping up its launch of Apple Music, Swift threatened to withhold her album “1989” from the service because the company’s deals wouldn’t pay artists, writers or producers for listening during three-month trials.

Apple quickly capitulated and reversed the policy, and the two have been cozy ever since.

Watch the new commercial below.


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