Ted Turner: ‘CNN Fluffing Up News Coverage’ (Video)

Ted Turner, who founded CNN in 1980, said the network needs 'less fluff' on the air

Ted Turner, the founder of CNN, said Thursday that he'd like to see "less fluff" on his cable news channel.

ScreenshotTurner told Charlie Rose on "CBS This Morning" that CNN, which enhanced its reputation with its coverage of the Persian Gulf War in 1990, needs to refocus on its journalistic mission and report more hard news and international affairs.

"There are a few things I would change," Turner, sporting a tie checkered with international flags, said of the network. "I'd like to see more emphasis on hard news and international news and a little less fluff."

Turner, who left the company in 2003 after a tumultuous year at its new parent company Time Warner, went on to start and chair the United Nations Foundation.

"I didn't think I was selling it but I got maneuvered out," he said of his sale to Time Warner. "I had 10 percent of Time Warner stock after the merger, I really took over Time Warner, but when we merged with AOL, I was diluted down to three percent."

He said the merger with AOL in 2001 was the worst day of his life