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‘The Bachelor’ Finale: Does Colton End up With Cassie?

Finale also reveals who will become the next Bachelorette

The first half of the “Bachelor” finale on Monday night ended on a huge cliffhanger, but fans finally got to see the resolution of Colton’s final plea to Cassie in Tuesday’s second part.

Picking up right where Monday’s episode left off — after yet another reminder from host Chris Harrison that Colton is the franchise’s first virgin Bachelor — the finale opened with Colton at Cassie’s door in Portugal, newly committed to their relationship. Despite having been dumped by her once, Colton was hoping for another chance

“I hope she’s not at peace with her decision. Because I’m not,” he tells the camera before telling Cassie he “sacrificed and gave up everything” by dumping both Hannah G. and Tayshia.

“I knew I wanted to have another conversation with you, but first I wanted to make sure that I ended things with Tayshia and Hannah,” he said. “Two women that could’ve given me a good life, given me everything that I want. But it wasn’t with who I wanted it to be with.”

Cassie, repeating what she said during their first breakup, told Colton that she wasn’t “sure” about her feelings for him and wasn’t ready for a long-term commitment. “You’re on ‘The Bachelor,’ you’re here to get engaged,” she said. “I didn’t know if I would get there. I didn’t know if I did get there that it would be real.”

Ultimately, Cassie, moved by Colton’s willingness to give up his “Bachelor” obligations for her, agreed to give it another go, this time “taking it day by day.”

And without so much as another date, Cassie was whisked off to Mallorca, Spain and put in front of Colton’s parents, forced to explain her choice to leave him once and prove that their relationship is worth forgoing an engagement for.

“Coming in here and knowing that you guys had expectations for what you wanted from him and what you expected to happen today — it’s been hard knowing I’m not going to live up to that, necessarily, right now,” she said.

Later picking back up on the live finale broadcast, Colton and Cassie confirmed that they were, in fact, still together. The couple hadn’t yet gotten engaged, but they professed to still be very much in love. Colton also declined to answer Harrison’s continued prodding regarding his virginity, opting to instead keep that particular detail of his relationship with Cassie “private.

Harrison closed out the show by announcing that fan favorite Hannah Brown would get another shot to find someone to love her “fiercely” as the next Bachelorette.

He then surprised her by introducing the first five suitors live on stage at the finale, and the former Miss Alabama was tasked with handing out the first rose before her season’s formal start. She chose Cam, praising his ability to “pump up the jams” with an original rap upon their introduction.

However, fans will have to wait until Monday, May 13 to meet the rest of Hannah’s potential love interests when “The Bachelorette” returns to ABC.

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