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‘The Daily Show’ Lists Its Favorite Coronavirus Trump Words, Like ‘Braiveer’ (Video)

Come for ”carannavirus,“ stay for ”surjgigical“

Last Updated: April 29, 2020 @ 6:47 AM

On Tuesday, “The Daily Show” took a moment for some levity amid all this coronavirus stress by looking at some of the more amusing flubbed words Donald Trump has said during his numerous coronavirus daily briefings.

The web-only segment, “Trump’s Best Words: Coronavirus Briefing Edition,” continues a bit “The Daily Show” has been doing throughout Trump’s years in the White House, but hasn’t done since the coronavirus pandemic shut everything down in the middle of March.

Now, to be far, Trump has been holding these daily coronavirus briefings for the better part of 40 days, and we certainly admit that someone who speaks in front of people day in, day out is bound to have a few slip-ups every now and again. Even so, and maybe it’s just being super stir-crazy from a month of isolation, but we can’t deny Trump’s flubs are pretty funny, since so often it feels like he’s experiencing a word for the very first time as he reads from his prepared remarks.

Read on for a few of the words “The Daily Show” found funniest (plus the word he meant to use), and see the whole thing in the video at the top of the page.

“Carannavirus” (Coronavirus)
“Surjgigical” (Surgical)
“Contingee” (Contingency)
“Plosma” (Plasma)
“Remdesavoir” (Remdesivir)
“Braiveer” (Bravery)

See the rest in the clip above.