‘The Disrespectful List’ At the Movies: 10 Rudest Behaviors In the Theater (Video)

YouTube host Preston Willis discusses “don’ts” and “don’ts” for summer ticket holders heading to the cineplex

Last Updated: May 28, 2015 @ 4:09 PM

In new episode of “The Disrespectful List”, YouTube star Preston Willis takes on anything and everything that is disrespectful at the movie theater: Loud talkers, multiple seat-savers and thunderous munching, Willis discusses contemptuous behavior that we’ve all probably experienced.

“Every time I go to the movies, no matter what ticket I buy, I end up watching the same film, and it’s called “disrespectful.”

In the MPulse Original Production, Willis talks about an experience he had at the movies, where he witnessed a woman eating a whole thanksgiving meal: “If your food has bones in it, it shouldn’t be in the movie theater. It’s disrespectful.”

Mentioning loud conversations, babies, late walk-ins, inappropriate public displays of affection, people blocking the aisles, and people yelling at the screen, he closes each argument with, “it’s disrespectful.” And it is, but most of these things are mannerisms a theater-goer experiences regularly. Yet, like Willis captions in his video, most people are too afraid to do anything about it.

In the past, Willis has done various “disrespectful lists” about travel, dating, the workplace, birthdays, and going to the gym. He uploads a video once a week onto the MPulse YouTube page.

Watch the video above.