‘The Simpsons’ Derides Donald Trump, Theorizes Dog Toupée (Video)

New clip spoofs campaign ad, shows Republican presidential candidate botching national defense

A new clip posted by “The Simpsons” showrunner, Al Jean, has Marge and Homer Simpson deciding who to vote for in the upcoming presidential election.

Spoofing a previous campaign ad by Hillary Clinton, the video plays out both possible scenarios if the White House receives a call at 3 a.m. that proves to be detrimental to the United States’ homeland security.

First, President Bill Clinton answers and hands the phone over to the Madam President, his wife Hillary.

The next scene plays out a Trump administration scenario, and the pivotal 3 a.m. call becomes a complete fiasco. First, Trump hangs up on the incoming urgent call from Situation Room because “I’m on Twitter.”

Once he finally decides to head down to the ever important room, he takes way too long getting ready: getting a spray tan, topping his bald head off with a toupée that’s depicted as a living dog, and attaching a pair of fake, tanned, bigger hands.

The Simpsons Donald Trump

Looking closely, other shots animators took at Trump’s character can be spotted (above), including his bedside reading, “Great Speeches” by A. Hitler, as well as a hunting portrait of what looks to be a dead leopard or cheetah (both face threats of extinction).

By the time he’s done, it’s too late. China’s attack on U.S. soil — as the scene imagines — is imminent. His big plan: to build a wall in the ocean to keep them out.

The faux television spot is “paid for by Americans who are really starting to miss Obama.”

This isn’t the first time the long-running Fox animated series has weighed in on big issues. “The Simpsons,” known for its social and political commentary, has also taken on gun control, gay marriage and many more hot button topics over the years.