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‘The View’ Hosts Defend ‘Hamilton’s’ ‘Non-White’ Casting Call (Video)

For most, it’s business as usual as an actor. but Paula Faris did point out that a ”Whites Only“ ad would probably present a big problem

The co-hosts of “The View” don’t see any problem with Broadway musical “Hamilton’s” controversial “non-white” casting call for actors. Or maybe Whoopi Goldberg does — it’s impossible to understand her stance on this one, like so many times during “Hot Topics.”

“Welcome to the industry,” Raven-Symone simply said of the exclusive acting ad.

Candace Cameron-Bure pretty much concurred: “From an actor’s point of view, it didn’t offend me,” the “Fuller House” star said — she’d rather not prepare for an unwinnable role. Cameron-Bure did point out, however, that “diversity would include a white person.”

Paula Faris mentioned that if there was a “Whites Only” casting call, people would be “all up in arms,” but the “Good Morning America” weekend anchor had no real qualms with the play’s plan.

“Here’s the real problem: If you go to Broadway now and you look on the stages, there are lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of white folks performing,” Goldberg said. “Even in places where it says — you know, this is supposed to be the Cotton Club. There were no people of color in the Cotton Club in that particular show.

“We have to go everything. We have to audition for everything,” she continued. “Particularly if you’re on Broadway, you want to audition for every part. That’s what you do as an actor — you’re supposed to be able to play these parts. That’s the beauty and the magic of becoming a performer that could play anything and anyone — that’s the key.”

She continued on and on, finally concluding: “We can play anything, anywhere, any time — Martians, humans, Christians, white people, and Latin people.”

We think that all means that Goldberg is fine with the race-specific casting call? Or maybe it means she’s actually not and the auditions should truly be open to anyone, Martians included? Watch the video above, and clear it up for us in the comments section below.