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‘Walking Dead’ Shocker! Death of Fan-Favorite Shakes Series to Its Core

A fan favorite went out in tragic fashion on Sunday’s episode of AMC zombie drama

(Spoiler alert: Please do not read on if you have not watched Sunday’s episode of “The Walking Dead”)

“The Walking Dead” said goodbye to a character who has been a fan favorite since Season 1.

Glenn (Steven Yeun) met his maker on Sunday’s episode of AMC’s hit zombie drama. Fans of the show will remember that Rick first encountered Glenn in episode two of season one, in which Glenn saved the former sheriff from a massive horde of walkers.

Fast forwarding to Sunday, Episode 3 of Season 6 picked up right where the season premiere left off, with Rick (Andrew Lincoln), Michonne (Danai Gurira), Glenn, and several others racing back to the walled community after a mysterious air horn lures a large herd of walkers back to Alexandria.

Rick believes the plan to lead the walkers away can still work and splits off from the rest of the group in Alexandria’s RV to herd the walkers back to the right path. He leaves Glenn and Michonne in charge, telling them that if any of the Alexandrians fall behind, leave them to die.

Glenn and Michonne press on with the group, but things go bad quickly when a walker attack leaves one man dead, one bitten, another with a wounded leg, and another fleeing by himself into the woods.

They reach an abandoned town near Alexandria and hide out in the pet store to plan their next move. But the town is full of walkers, and the group must create a distraction in order to escape. Nicholas (Michael Traynor) suggests burning down the local feed store. Glenn, who has been trying to help Nicholas survive, agrees to let Nicholas lead the way.

Michonne takes charge of the other Alexandrians and tries to lead them to safety when part of the walker herd enters the town. They lose another two members before finally escaping.

Glenn and Nicholas reach the feed store, but it has already burned down. They are then trapped in an alley by the walker herd. The two take refuge on top of a dumpster, but Nicholas loses hope when he looks out at the sea of the undead before him. He turns to Glenn and says, “Thank you,” before shooting himself.

However, Nicholas’ body collapses onto Glenn and pushes him off the dumpster into the clutches of the walkers below. Glenn is torn apart and eaten alive.

The episode ends with Rick in the RV. Before the herd arrives, he is unsuccessfully ambushed by two members of The Wolves. Rick finds a jar of applesauce in one man’s pocket and realizes they have attacked Alexandria. He cannot escape though, as the engine on the RV has died. Just then, the walker herd begins to emerge from the woods around him.

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