TheGrill 2015: Van Toffler, Perrin Chiles to Adapt Sara Benincasa’s Book ‘DC Trip’ (Exclusive)

The duo revealed the project and their partnership at TheWrap’s sixth annual media leadership conference

Former MTV executive Van Toffler and Adaptive Studios CEO Perrin Chiles are teaming up to develop an adaptation of comedian Sara Benincasa’s upcoming book “D.C. Trip” with veteran producers Albert Berger and Ron Yerxa of Bona Fide Productions, it was announced at The Grill on Tuesday.

“DC Trip” is an honest and irreverent journey of sexual confusion, bar shots, drag queens and pot cookies in the Rose Garden. The book is set for publication on Nov. 3.

“It’s a combination of ‘Superbad’ and ‘Election,’” said Toffler at TheWrap’s sixth annual media leadership conference. The story follows Alicia Deats, a new teacher chaperoning her very first high school trip to Washington D.C. with a class full of horny, backstabbing, boundary-pushing teenagers under her watch. To make matters worse, she’s already embarrassed herself with her co-chaperone, Bryan Kenner, thanks to one too many margaritas and an ill-timed vomiting incident at last year’s teacher mixer, and is hoping this trip will mark a fresh start for both of them.

Alicia believes in positive reinforcement and trust to keep her students out of trouble, but high school sophomores and best friends Gertie, Sivan and Rachel have a different idea — they plan to take full advantage of the un-parented freedom that a trip to D.C. offers.

Chiles and Toffler acquired the once-abandoned intellectual property from a source who then tried to purchase it back after they brought in Benincasa to re-imagine it.

Adaptive Studios produces content based on previously abandoned intellectual property, identifying material from Hollywood-vetted sources such as studios, agencies and management and production companies. The company creates films, television, books, graphic novels, digital series and social media storytelling depending on what best suits a property.

Bona Fide’s credits include Alexander Payne‘s “Nebraska” and the Oscar-winning comedy “Little Miss Sunshine.”

Watch the trailer for Benincasa’s book above, and let us know in the comments section below if you’d watch a feature-length adaptation of “D.C. Trip.”

Watch the trailer for the book below: