Timothy Olyphant Stars in ‘The Grinder: New Orleans’ in Fox Comedy Sneak Preview (Exclusive Video)

“Justified” star plays Rob Lowe’s show-within-a-show’s character’s brother on sitcom

Timothy Olyphant takes over for Rob Lowe as the newest unfortunately named lawyer on the block in the newest show-within-a-show cold open of Fox’s “The Grinder.”

In the exclusive clip (above), Olyphant delivers closing arguments in a New Orleans court and reveals he’s the brother of Lowe’s character Mitch Grinder.

Some familiar theatrics later, including asking a full courtroom to vacate so the newest Grinder can seduce Arielle Kabbel’s character, it’s revealed that he’s not just guest-starring on an episode of “The Grinder,” but is actually the star of the spinoff series, “The Grinder: New Orleans.”

Offscreen, Lowe’s Dean Sanderson is watching the show with his family, who appear uncharacteristically impressed by the new series.

“The Grinder” airs Tuesdays at 8:30 p.m. ET on Fox.