TLC Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost, Starts Airing Paranormal Programming (Exclusive Video)

Along with old mainstays “A Haunting” and “Ghosts of Shepherdstown,” new series “Kindred Spirits” bows Oct. 21, and we’ve got an exclusive clip

TLC is creating an entire paranormal-themed night just in time for Halloween. On Oct. 21, the Discovery-owned network will kick off Friday Night Frights, a block of ghost-centric programming.

That includes new series “Kindred Spirits,” starring “Ghost Hunters” alumni Adam Berry and Amy Bruni, and The Wrap has an exclusive clip from the premiere.

“Kindred Spirits,” which will air at 10/9c, sees Berry and Bruni taking their paranormal expertise back on the road, first to a big, old farm in northern Pennsylvania.

In our exclusive clip, Berry and Bruni learn about a kid who walked into a giant spinning blade at a sawmill and confront a possibly possessed teddy bear.

At 8/7c, TLC will offer up a new installment of “Ghosts of Shepherdstown,” checking back on the denizens of one of America’s most haunted towns. Shepherdstown, West Virginia has a population of under 2,000, but everyone seems to have experienced some sort of paranormal activity.

At 9/7c, “A Haunting” returns for new episodes that delve into spooky happenings that wouldn’t seem out of place in the new “Blair Witch” movie.

This entire genre has generally fared well on TV, but with FX’s “American Horror Story” now parodying it with its new season, interest in the original tales is sure to spike.

Watch the exclusive clip of new series “Kindred Spirits” above.