Tom Arnold Lost 90 Pounds Working Out With Arnold Schwarzenegger, Guys in G-Strings Named Rolf (Video)

“If Liberace had a gym” is how the actor describes the bodybuilder’s personal workout palace

Tom Arnold looks great, and he has good friend and personal trainer Arnold Schwarzenegger to thank for humiliating him into the feat.

Also, working out surrounded by enormous guys in G-strings named Rolf (“This happens everyday over there … that is a fact”) doesn’t hurt for intimidation-based motivation, the actor told Conan O’Brien on Thursday night’s TBS stop.

“If Liberace had a gym — it’s like a Versailles — there’s columns and statues and paintings of his family,” Arnold described Schwarzenegger’s palace-like personal gym on “Conan.”

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The one surnamed Arnold, not the bodybuilder, dropped 90 pounds with the help of the world’s greatest muscle-bound icon. Also, giving up eating an entire cake in one sitting probably didn’t hurt.

All of the effort — and the weirdness — in the name of the 54-year-old staying alive for his recently born first child has clearly paid off.

Watch the newly svelte Tom Arnold in the clip: