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Stephen Colbert Trashes Trump’s Entire Congressional Address (Video)

CBS ”Late Show“ host tackles everything from Kellyanne Conway to trans rights

“The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” trashed President Trump’s first State of the Union address throughout Tuesday’s live show. The monologue housed most of the jabs, which were pretty impressive considering the CBS staff’s time constraints.

Stephen Colbert mocked the POTUS’ entire address to Congress, as well as the footage from before it actually began.

“So many handshakes, such little hands,” Colbert started in on Trump’s stroll to the podium.

But the best barbs were saved for his actual talking points and policies. For starters, Colbert cracked the following about Trump’s ban on hiring “non-essential government workers.”

“Non-essential government workers?” the CBS host asked. “So, Kellyanne Conway is out?”

The jokes got even more pointed from there.

Here’s Colbert cracking wise about Trump pulling America out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership: “It’s just one of the ‘trans’ the administration is withdrawing support from.”

Later in his speech, our Commander-in-Chief asked us to look “honestly” at what his administration inherited from Barack Obama’s.

“Honestly, I don’t know what we inherited,” Colbert said, “You inherited like $100 million.”

At a certain point, for some reason, Trump cited 1886 and the World’s Fair as the greatest time in United States history. The leader of the free world in 2017 touted as evidence the event’s introduction of inventions such as the typewriter, telephone, telegraph and an electric pen.

“When Trump says ‘electric pen,’ he means where he plans to keep the immigrants,” Colbert quipped.

Watch the video above.