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Trump Is About to Shatter His Personal Twitter Record

After 51 tweets on Nov. 7 alone, POTUS is on pace for his most prolific month

Nearly one year into his time at the White House and President Trump is putting his upping his stride — as a tweeter.

A trip to Asia hasn’t curtailed the commander-in-chief from using his self-described big hands to furiously type away on his favorite social media platform. In fact, as Bloomberg outlined on Monday, he’s been on a hot streak, on pace to fire off 723 tweets by the end of November.

That’d blow away his most prolific month on the social media platform, when he lobbed 485 tweets in September.

He’s been trending upward, too, since he’d already set personal records in June and July. Bloomberg noted he fired a single-day record of 51 tweets on Nov. 7, while he was visiting South Korea. President Trump covered the full spectrum: Thanking President Moon for a top notch trip, mildly clowning Ed Gillespie for losing the Virginia race for governor, and, of course, touting the stock market’s strong performance.

It was the presidential equivalent of Kobe Bryant’s 81 point game.

He toned it down a bit when he reached China, but picked back up over the weekend in Vietnam. And yes, there was a “there/they’re” typo in his tweet about Russia.

So far, the only thing that has slowed him down this month was the rogue Twitter employee that deactivated his account for 11 minutes.