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Tucker Carlson: I Trolled ‘Slow,’ ‘Humorless’ Liberals With Trump ‘Impressive’ Joke

”It was a test to see if liberals are really as slow and humorless as people claim. Turns out they are,“ Carlson tells TheWrap

Tucker Carlson says he mocked liberals and media members who took him seriously when he joked that President Trump was “impressive” for looking at the sun without glasses during the Monday’s eclipse.

“It was a test to see if liberals are really as slow and humorless as people claim. Turns out they are,” Carlson said in a statement when asked about his comment.

Many news organizations, including TheWrap, covered comments that Carlson made on Monday night. He spoke in a tone that only a regular viewer of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” would have realized wasn’t to be taken seriously — but that didn’t stop certain news organization from literally thinking Carson considered Trump more “impressive” than anything ever done by a president.

“Even the president saw it, but in a move that is not a complete surprise, he looked directly at the sun without any glasses — perhaps the most impressive thing any president has ever done,” Tucker said while showing video of the president enjoying the eclipse.

Trump was mocked on social media Monday for taking on the sun with nothing but his eyeballs. Scientists and doctors have been warning for more than a month that staring at the eclipse can injure eyes and even permanently damage vision.

Many joked that Trump, who is somewhat infamous for doing the opposite of whatever anyone tells him despite whether it’s good advice, would be exactly the person to ignore warnings about protective eyewear and gaze up at the star, damning all consequences, like possible blindness.

Reportedly, an aide yelled at Trump not to look at the sun, just as he decided to look at the sun. A few moments later, Trump, his son Bannon and First Lady Melania all donned the special glasses that would allow them to watch the eclipse safely. Yup, Trump had the glasses the whole time.