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TV Reporter Shuts Down On-Air Heckler With ‘Your Mother’ Joke (Video)

Troll with tired FHRITP taunt gets turned into a turkey during Thanksgiving newscast

Well played, Joe Galli. Well played.

Southern California reporter Galli provided vicarious vengeance for every reporter who’s been interrupted on-air with a “f— her right in the p—y” heckle as he reported on the Thanksgiving bustle at a Palm Desert mall this year for a CBS affiliate in the Coachella Valley.

Confronted by a lout who appeared to utter the shop-worn phrase, Galli didn’t miss a beat as he issued his riposte.

“That’s exactly what I did to your mother, buddy,” Galli replied. “Real classy, real classy.”

No, that wasn’t an earthquake you just felt; just the collective impact of reporters across the Southland slapping their foreheads and yelling, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Since the video made its way to the internet, Galli has been flooded with praise on Twitter — and, at least as of Wednesday morning, anyway, he hasn’t been sacked from his job. Replying to a fan who inquired if there was any blowback, Galli replied, “Naw man. I was chewed out a little but it’s all good.”

Watch Galli shut down the troll in the video.