Alexa Jokes Flood Twitter After Amazon’s Whole Foods Purchase

“Alexa, buy me something from Whole Foods. Alexa: ‘Buying Whole Foods'”

When the news broke that Amazon purchased the grocery retailer Whole Foods — known for often pricy and trendy food items — for $13.7 billion, the stock market wasn’t the only thing lighting up.

People took to Twitter to voice their surprise and other reactions. The jokes were flying faster than Amazon’s stock rose Friday morning — it jumped more than three percent, closing in towards $1,000 a share. And Whole Foods’ stock rose more than 27 percent, coming up to $42 a share.

Probably the most popular joke online after Amazon’s huge acquisition goes like this:

Other Twitter users hoped that their Prime membership on will translate into discounts at the organic foods store, which has gained a reputation for being overpriced. (The store previously made headlines for selling “Asparagus Water,” which appeared to be nothing but a few stalks of raw asparagus and good ol’ H2O, for $5.99.)

More on Twitter imagined a re-organization of the grocery store, with “Customers who bought this, also bought this…” signs above produce.

Check out a roundup of some of the funniest reactions: