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‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Thinks Reality TV ‘Played a Part’ in Valerie Fairman’s Death (Video)

”I honestly feel like it’s not a positive thing,“ reality star says of MTV’s ”16 and Pregnant“

Former “Teen Mom” Farrah Abraham thinks Valerie Fairman’s appearance on “16 and Pregnant” may have been a contributing factor to the 23-year-old’s untimely death this week.

“I think that played a part,” the former MTV star told TMZ. “From jail to drug addiction to whatever else that was said, I really wish she was supported in a better way.”

Abraham, who appeared on “16 and Pregnant” before being cast on spinoff “Teen Mom,” scolded the entire sub-genre of reality TV, in general.

“I honestly feel like it’s not a positive thing,” she said. “I don’t think it helps the economy further. It really adds a lot of more unplanned pregnancies and a lot of failed relationships, and that’s not really what we’re trying to show. And it’s not really done in a positive, effective way that I think we all started out doing. And that’s just the honest to God’s truth. And it’s really hurtful to me to see what I am seeing.”

Women do not need to be pregnant to get on television,” she added.

After taking a break from reality TV to embark on a career in pornography, starting with “Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom,” she was cast on Season 4 of “Couples Therapy,” had her own TV special titled “Being Farrah,” and was evicted from “Celebrity Big Brother” in 2015.

Fairman died at a friend’s house in Pennsylvania on Wednesday. She went into the bathroom and never came out. The friend broke down the door and found Fairman unresponsive. The cause of death is unknown at this time


Following her appearance on “16 and Pregnant,” Fairman had numerous run-ins with law enforcement. In 2015 she was arrested for prostitution during a sting operation carried out by law enforcement in New Castle, Deleware. She was also detained just last week for providing a false ID to law enforcement and resisting arrest.

Fairman was also charged in 2012 in Pennsylvania for a theft case that included one misdemeanor and one third-degree felony charge. She had also struggled with drug abuse, which included a stint in rehab in 2012 for prescription pill addiction.

Watch Abraham give her full thoughts on Fairman’s death while standing outside a gentleman’s club in New York City in the video below.