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Vanilla Ice Live-Tweets Hurricane Matthew: ‘Evil Darkness Sky,’ ‘Debris Flying Everywhere’

”Ice Ice Baby“ rapper rocks the storm reportage like a vandal

Now that Vanilla Ice is off of “Dancing With the Stars,” maybe a Weather Channel gig is in his future.

The “Ice Ice Baby” rapper bravely faced down Hurricane Matthew on Thursday to keep his 280,000 Twitter followers updated on the progress of the storm from Palm Beach, Florida.

“This hurricane is serious and coming right at me. I’m going to ride out the storm,” the rapper wrote Thursday, as Matthew’s destructive path turned toward Florida. “I’ll keep you updated.”

As promised — because Vanilla Ice is a man of his word above all else — the “DWTS” alum continued to issue social-media bulletins on the storm, punctuated with mild panic and bursts of poetry.

“Right now things are pretty calm, but you know what that means, the calm before the storm. The entire Florida Georgia and Carolina Coast,” Vanilla Ice wrote. “Riders on the storm. I am right on the ocean in Palm Beach looking at evil darkness sky coming with the hurricane.”

Later, he noted, “It’s starting to get nasty here in Palm Beach. This is crazy — riding the storm in Palm Beach.”

Though a subsequent tweet said that there was “[f]looding and debris flying everywhere,” Vanilla Ice stood firm and continued to confront the hurricane head-on.

The rapper’s most recent dispatch, issued Friday morning, indicated that Vanilla Ice had indeed survived Hurricane Matthew — but the storm had definitely taken its toll.

“It looks like a mess with debris and some flooding here but overall Palm Beach handled it very well,” he wrote.

Read below for Vanilla Ice‘s harrowing showdown with Hurricane Matthew.