Warner Bros. Plans to Move ‘Gangster Squad’ to January

The studio is expected to announced reshoots and a new release date for the film in light of the theater shooting in Colorado

Warner Bros. is planning to move the release date of “Gangster Squad” from Sept. 7 to January, according to individuals with knowledge of the situation.

Other reports have pegged a specific date — Jan. 11 — and our sources confirmed that Warner Bros. is looking at the date. However, the studio would not confirm that date or whether a scene in which gunmen shoot up a movie theater would remain in the film.

The scene was in the film's trailer — which screened before "Dark Knight Rises" and has been replaced since the Colorado shooting — but has been removed.

The film, directed by Ruben Fleischer and written by Will Beall, stars Ryan Gosling, Sean Penn, Josh Brolin and Emma Stone. It chronicles a coterie of LAPD cops who try to take down Mickey Cohen, a notorious Los Angeles gangster.

Ever since a gunman, suspected to be James Holmes, killed 12 and injured 59 at showing of “The Dark Knight Rises” just past midnight last Thursday night, Warner Bros. has been working around the clock to figure out what to do with “Gangster Squad.”

Given the tragedy in Aurora, which also occurred in a theater, individuals close to Warner Bros. have said for a few days the studio would remove the scene from the movie and push its release date both to allow for reshoots and distance the film from the real-life shooting.

A final decision is still pending, but those close to the studio say a decision is imminent — and has been since Monday. Warner Bros. is trying to figure out reshoots given cast members' differing schedules, as well as select the precise date.