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Watch WWE's Sasha Banks Transform Into a Flesh-Craving Ghoul (Video)

"I'm about to get zombie-fied," the three-time WWE Raw Women's Champion says

WWE star Sasha Banks is about to get "zombie-fied"!

As peculiar as that may sound, it's true. The Raw brand pro wrestler -- a.k.a. The Legit Boss -- enlisted the help of makeup artist Jason Baker and special effects pioneer, "Godfather of Gore" Tom Savini to transform her into a life-sizd, flesh-and-blood re-creation of her Mattel WWE Zombie action figure.

Using the Mattel miniature as a guide, Savini and Baker applied a prosthetic piece to cover her forehead, nose, checks and jaw, then added foam latex to emphasize her skull.

Then came the gray body makeup, really gross fake teeth and creepy contact lens. And, of course, Banks brought the attitude.

Savini, best known for creating Jason for "Friday the 13th," along with the gruesome creations for "Dawn of the Dead," "Creepshow" and "Night of the Living Dead," began working with WWE in 2011.

Since then, he has made the sheep mask that the bearded Rowan wore during a WWE SmackDown Live in April and the "Skull King" gold crown and armor for HHH in 2011.

Check out the video below for Sasha Banks' complete transformation.