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This Week in TV: ‘Walking Dead’ Awakens, Rosie Returns and HBO Gets ‘Enlightened’

”Walking Dead“ and its companion talk show, ”Talking Dead,“ premiere, while Jennifer Aniston, Alicia Keys and Demi Moore take on breast cancer for Lifetime

Here a look at what all the TV-loving kids will be talking about this week:

One great AMC show ends (Sunday's "Breaking Bad" season finale), another one begins with the Oct. 16 season 2 premiere of "The Walking Dead."

The show weathered behind-the-scenes drama when showrunner Frank Darabont was fired by AMC in August. But the guts-and-gore action on-screen remains intact, so to speak, as sheriff Rick and the survivors head out on the highway towards Fort Benning and are met with some delays. Delays of the human-munching variety.

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Sunday's season premiere will be followed by the premiere of "Talking Dead," the fan-aimed "Walking Dead" talk show hosted by Chris Hardwick.

It's airing at a weird time (7 p.m., Monday-Friday), she's been away from TV since that disastrous stint on "The View" ended in 2007 and her personal life has overshadowed everything career-wise she's done since "The View." (In no small part because of her own incessant blogging about it.) Still, Oprah Winfrey seems to be putting much faith in Rosie O'Donnell and her new "Rosie Show" on OWN, even turning over her old Chicago studio to O'Donnell.

Oprah's cable network has failed so far to launch a show that stirred any real buzz, but "The Rosie Show" should at least grab some viewers curious to see what O'Donnell will do with her latest chat show venture.

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The show will air live every day, and O'Donnell plans to open each episode with a stand-up comedy performance. First week guests include Russell Brand, Roseanne Barr, Wanda Sykes and Salma Hayek, and while O'Donnell says she doesn't want to get political, or be a stop for celebs just looking to pimp their latest project, she has invited Tom Selleck to appear on the show and smooth over their infamous gun control tiff from her first daytime talk series.

Lifetime has brought big names together in front of and behind the camera for "Five," an entertaining and informational anthology of stories about women with breast cancer. Jennifer Aniston directs and Patricia Clarkson stars in the line-up's best installment, about Mia, a woman whose discovery that she has breast cancer is told in reverse.

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The project, airing during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, also features segments directed by Demi Moore and Alicia Keys, and stories starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Josh Holloway, Annie Potts, Jeffrey Tambor (as a male breast cancer patient) and Jeanne Tripplehorn, whose character ties all five stories together.

The movie premieres Oct. 10.

Women continue to dominate the new TV season, and HBO's new dramedy "Enlightened" is yet another reason why. Laura Dern stars as Amy Jellicoe, who has a major meltdown at work after she gets passed over for a promotion (and which goes to a married co-worker she was sleeping with). After a few months at a pricey, self-help-y camp in Hawaii, Amy returns home to live with her mom (Dern's real-life mom, Diane Ladd), get her old job back and try to change the world with her new, positive attitude.

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Unfortunately for Amy, the people she left behind are just fine with the way life has moved along in her absence, and the comedy part of the story ensues when she pushes back in her manic ways (she's off her meds since returning home).

"Enlightened" premieres Oct. 10.

She's the perfect antidote to Snooki and company: Chelsea Settles, the star of MTV's new reality series "Chelsea Settles" (Oct. 11). The 23-year-old Pittsburgh native has big dreams: leaving her hometown behind to move to Los Angeles and launch a career in the fashion industry.

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The issue: Chelsea's weight, which, at 320 pounds, means her dream job is in a business that likes to pretend no size beyond a size 6 exists. As the series follows her adventures, Settles learns her winning personality and sense of style aren't going to make the fashion industry's preconceptions about her size easy to bypass.

But she's definitely giving MTV viewers someone real to root for, a rarity amongst the network's reality stars.