Weezer Debuts ‘Adventurous’ New Single ‘Thank God for Girls’ (Video)

“It’s a perfect mix of Weezer past and future,” frontman Rivers Cuomo says

Weezer debuted a new single this week, and frontman Rivers Cuomo is pretty fond of it.

Sure, “Thank God for Girls” probably won’t be met with the same global fever that heated up when Adele dropped “Hello” last week, but it is another catchy melody from the rock band behind hits including “Buddy Holly,” “Hash Pipe” and “Beverly Hills.”

The new music video, which premiered on the band’s Vevo channel Sunday, comes just over a year after its last album, “Everything Will Be Alright in the End” hit stores in 2014.

Cuomo took to Facebook to gush about the song he calls “a perfect mix of Weezer past and future” — and even shared criticisms of his own work.

“I’m not a huge fan of rapped out sections in songs but there’s a lot of cool work going on here with harmonies. I think the music is really great, I’m a huge fan of organs being used and piano in the verse. It’s a perfect mix of Weezer past and future,” Cuomo wrote. “The chorus soars on melodic wings. It rocks sooooo hard. I can’t really compare it to anything specific we’ve ever done. But I can’t wait for more!”

“I think this may be a big hit single,” he added. “I hope I’m not overselling it but I think it’s great! (adventurous, brave, fun, compelling, rocking, and I just LOVE it.)”

See if you agree, and watch the music video above.