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Welcome to TheWrap, Version 2.0

We hope you like our new and improved site, which launches this morning. Comments welcome.

A quick note to readers: You'll probably notice that TheWrap looks different this morning.


Welcome to our new and improved site, version 2.0, with thanks to our chief technical and design wizard, Rich Robinson and our COO Kevin Davis.


In this new design, we tried to respond to readers' comments and requests, particularly with the 'news river' below the fold, which gives you a quick look at the very latest articles, blog posts, columns and links that have been posted.


We've also added a new widget to update industry insiders with the latest deals going on in the business, called Deal Central (along the right bar).


Your favorite features are still here - Rumor Mill, Columns, Hollyblogs and Dailies.


And just to spice things up, we have launched with the addition of a new regular, awards-season column, The Odds by seasoned writer and Oscar expert Steve Pond, who will be handicapping the Oscar season movies starting today. (Actually, he was so eager to get going that he started yesterday, with a big news break about changes in the voting methods for Best Picture. Thanks Steve!)


We hope you'll like this new design even better than the previous one. Of course it will evolve and improve with your input and with experience - have at it and thanks for being part of TheWrap!