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‘What We Do in the Shadows’ Showrunner Teases Gargoyles, Hellhounds and a Search for Love in Season 3 (Video)

San Diego Comic-Con: FX series’ Season 2 concluded in June

We’re still a long way off from the third season of “What We Do in the Shadows,” which was renewed back in May. And it’s much longer off than usual, too, since the show can’t start up production again until it’s deemed safe enough and, well, COVID-19 seems to have quite a lot of veto power in Hollywood these days.

But during the show’s truly delightful Comic-Con@home panel on Saturday, showrunner Paul Simms and co-executive producer and writer Stefani Robinson gave a few hints about what fans of the FX supernatural comedy series can look forward to when it finally returns. Dog lovers, your time is now.

Naturally, if you watched the second season, then you already know that the characters are in a pretty precarious place. In the final episode, Guillermo (Harvey Guillén), the human familiar who is also a natural-born vampire killer, essentially murdered half the vampires in America. In a twist, he did it in order to save his vampire master Nandor (Kayvan Novak) and Nandor’s vampire roommates Lazlo (Matt Berry), Nadja (Natasia Demetriou) and Colin the energy vampire (Mark Proksch) from being executed for treason against vampire society.

This means now the roommates know Guillermo is a vampire slayer, and they’re all probably fugitives no matter what. Whoops! So what’s next?

“If there’s any preview we can give about Season 3, it’s that they all have something they are searching for,” Simms said. “Nandor might be searching for love. Colin still doesn’t know how he became an energy vampire; he’s just rolled with it all these years. There might be a search that he goes on. New duties and — I’m giving too much away.”

Panel moderator Haley Joel Osment, who also had a recurring role as a familiar who is killed and brought back as a zombie, mentioned how Season 2 “saw a big broadening of the magical creatures” in the show’s universe, and asked if there will be more of that when the show returns.

“Yes, there are, and I’m trying to think of a good one that won’t spoil anything,” Simms said.

“There are some creatures that live on edifices,” Robinson chimed in, rousing some excitement in Novak, Berry, Demetriou, Guillén and Proksch, who were also in the virtual panel. Our guess, by the way, is that Robinson was indirectly referring to gargoyles.

“Can you write in some sort of, like, vampire puppies or kittens so we can play with some small animals on set?” Demetriou asked.

“I will say that the vampires do get a hellhound to protect them,” Simms replied.

Of course, that’s not a lot of details, but we’ll take it. Meanwhile, the entire panel is a delight and you should watch the whole thing. See it above, and skip to the last 5 minutes or so if you just want to hear Simms talk about Season 3.

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