Who Did it Better? ‘Empire’s’ Cookie-Anika Catfight vs. ‘Dynasty’s Krystle-Alexis Lily Pond Brawl

The “Empire” finale’s knockdown, drag-out fight reminded many viewers of the ’80s showdowns between the “Dynasty” rivals

“Empire’s” knock-down, drag-out, drink-throwing, weave-pulling catfight on Wednesday’s explosive Fox finale set social media ablaze and sparked cries of “boo boo kitty!” across America.

As Taraji P. Henson‘s Cookie Lyon took on — and took down — Grace Gealey’s Anika Calhoun, many of the 16.7 million viewers were reminded of the classic brawls between Krystle Carrington (Linda Evans) and Alexis Morell Carrington (Joan Collins) on the classic ’80s soap opera, “Dynasty.”

While they both had hair-wrenching and screeching a plenty, another thing the dramatic scenes had in common was a man at the center of the women’s angst.

For the “Empire” divas, it was Lucious Lyon, the ex-husband of Cookie and former fiancee of Anika, who will be forever tied to both women through Empire Entertainment.

Blake Carrington (John Forsythe) had the unfortunate role of being stuck in the middle of current wife Krystle and ex-wife Alexis in Aaron Spelling‘s ABC prime time soap.

But which was better — the Cookie-Anika tumble in the penthouse billiard room or Krystle and Alexis’ epic lily pond encounter? TheWrap looks back at them both.

“Tell me why I shouldn’t throw this drink in your bitch-ass face?” Cookie asked Anika while she swirled her cocktail, as her nemesis responded: “Because you’ll never get up off the floor, bitch.”

Meanwhile, back at the Denver mansion on “Dynasty,” Alexis taunted her rival in a posh British accent and said: “I know what’s wrong with you — the empty-armed Madonna mourning the baby that she couldn’t have, and the baby that she almost got to adopt. Gone now, isn’t it?”

“You miserable bitch!” screamed prim and proper Krystle as the pair launched into the water fully-clothed, with Collins using her sopping wet hat to bash Evans’ mammoth shoulder pads.

Watch the “Empire” showdown above and the “Dynasty” throwdown below.