World Series 2017: Ken Jeong Wins as Hollywood’s Biggest Dodgers Fan

It’s hard to imagine anyone more excited about the World Series than Señor Chang

Being L.A.’s baseball team, the Dodgers have plenty of celebrities rooting for them in the World Series, including Bryan Cranston and Ice Cube. But the title of most excited Dodgers fan has to go to Ken Jeong, who got to kick off the Fall Classic on Tuesday in a big way.

Before the first pitch, Jeong walked across the roof of the Dodgers dugout, waving a giant team flag to get the sold-out crowd at Dodger Stadium pumped up alongside Rob Lowe and George Lopez. The Dodgers won Game 1 over the Houston Astros 3-1, thanks to home runs by Chris Taylor and Justin Turner and a dominant pitching performance by Clayton Kershaw.

Check out Jeong going into fan mode in the pics below.