Wrongful-Death Lawsuits Filed By Prince’s Family Dismissed

Artist’s family is reported to have settled with Walgreens, a Minnesota doctor and an Illinois hospital

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A series of wrongful death lawsuits filed by Prince’s family members have been dismissed, TheWrap has learned.

The Associated Press first reported the news, saying it’s almost certain that Prince’s family members reached a settlement with the defendants in the cases, including Walgreens, an Illinois hospital and a Minnesota doctor who all treated him in the weeks before he died. However, details have not been disclosed.

Attorneys on the case either did not return a request for comment or declined to comment as to the nature of a settlement.

John Goetz, an attorney representing Prince’s estate, clarified that one medical negligence claim against Howard Kornfeld still remains alive on appeal. Kornfeld is a California addiction specialist who was contacted by Prince’s associates before his death.

The artist’s family said Kornfeld had a duty to advise his associates that Prince should be recommended for treatment, but the judge found no evidence that Kornfeld had ever communicated with Prince or that a relationship was established. The case was dismissed in September, but the plaintiffs have appealed.

Prince’s family filed wrongful-death lawsuits beginning in April 2018, but some of the claims were quietly dismissed as early as last summer.

In August, claims against the pharmaceutical chain Walgreens and the Trinity Medical Center in Illinois were dismissed, and in November, claims against Dr. Michael Schulenberg and his former employer were both permanently dismissed in November 2019. Schulenberg and the Trinity Medical Center treated Prince in the weeks before his death, and Walgreens filled his prescriptions.

Prince died at age 57 on April 21, 2016 of an accidental fentanyl overdose. No criminal charges were filed related to his death, and the source of the counterfeit pills that killed him remains unknown.

Prince died without a will, and his estate was once valued at around $200 million.

Pamela Chelin contributed to this report.