WWE Alum Alberto Del Rio Was Defending Paige During Stabbing, Wrestler Says (Video)

“It was an incident with a drunk guy, and I got the worst part of it,” pro grappler says

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WWE alum Alberto Del Rio has shed more light on the stabbing attack that left him with gruesome wounds earlier this month, saying that he was defending his girlfriend’s honor during the altercation.

According to Del Rio, the assailant insulted his partner, WWE wrestler Paige, leading him to react.

“It was one of those being in the wrong place at the wrong time [things],” Del Rio told TMZ. “It was an incident with a guy who disrespected my girl. And I was just, you know — I got in a street fight. I got a little bit hurt.”

Del Rio noted that the incident took place in San Antonio, Texas, following a visit to his business partner’s restaurant.

“It was just a thing for 25, 30 seconds,” added Del Rio, who said he’s “fine” now. “It was an incident with a drunk guy, and I got the worst part of it.”

Del Rio posted images of his battle wounds on Instagram last week, revealing a nasty gash to his head, as well as numerous cuts to his arm.

The wrestler, who left WWE in September, noted that the incident caused him to miss a fight for his new league, Lucha Libre Worldwide, but that he would fulfill his future obligations to the organization.

During his TMZ interview, Del Rio also dismissed Internet speculation that he was lying about the incident as “ridiculous.”

“The problem with the Internet is when you put something out there you’re going to have a bunch of haters changing or just telling a different story,” Del Rio said, adding that his family “got really affected by that.”

Watch the video for the full interview.