Yes, Meghan Markle’s First Name Is Actually Rachel – Just Like Her ‘Suits’ Character

Prince Harry’s bride has been going by “Meghan” since she was a child, before she became an actress

Meghan Markle
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Much speculation has been made about what Meghan Markle’s title might be when she marries Prince Harry on May 19. But don’t be surprised if her title turns out to be “Her Royal Highness Rachel.”

Yes, Markle’s full, legal name is actually Rachel Meghan Markle — something that the world was reminded of when the queen’s official letter to the Privy Council used it to announce the nuptials.

Coincidentally, Rachel is the same name as her character on “Suits,” where she played Rachel Zane for seven seasons. However, according to USA Today, Markle has been going by “Meghan” since she was a child. So it isn’t just a stage name or a SAG conflict that explains why she chose to be called Meghan.

It begs the question as to whether Markle would be officially referred to as HRH Rachel, if she’ll legally change her name or if she’ll just be known as Meghan.

Consider that even Prince Harry was born with the more traditional royal name of Henry Charles Albert David. But he too will be referred to as “Harry” even with his new title, Duke of Sussex.

Markle will already be the first American, biracial woman and actress welcomed into the British royal family, so she may as well be the first to also use a name other than her given name at birth as well.

Markle wed Prince Harry on May 19 at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle in London.