10 Best (and Worst) Moments of ‘The Voice’ Finale Performances (Guest Blog)

A Season 2 semifinalist, I blog about the NBC competition for TheWrap

Wow, I can't believe we're at the end of this long “The Voice” journey on NBC. Season 5 – despite your excessive use of a smoke machine — I'm sad to see you go. Now one last time – let's talk about my favorite (and least favorite) moments from this week's final performances.

1. Coach wardrobe check
Coach Adam Levine was going to the country club for a Great Gatsby themed party, while coach Cee Lo Green was wearing what appeared to be fancy tire treads. We can always count on Cee Lo, eh?

2. Queen of the night
OK, let's get straight to my favorite performance this week. Tessanne Chin's “I Have Nothing” was nothing short of phenomenal. She seemed a little intimidated by doing such an iconic piece in rehearsals but then tore through it onstage like it was her last night on earth (appropriate for a final song!). While the effort was more obvious here than in some of her other performances, it worked well for the song's sense of urgency. When she reached that peak towards the end of the last chorus, it was ferocious and elegant at the same time. I think Whitney Houston would be proud.

Watch the performance again above.

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3. Wait, is this a rerun?
Monday night's repeat of blind audition songs was an interesting concept, but it did feel a little like we've been there, done that. Jacquie Lee was the only one who truly breathed new life into her song with a wonderfully unpredictable “Back to Black,” showing us how a repeat should be done.

4. Most badass drummer
The most exciting thing about the coach performance was seeing Rick Allen kill it onstage – the man fans refer to as the “Thunder God” played drums for Def Leppard, lost his left arm and then learned to play drums again with one arm like a BOSS. P.S. Seeing coach Blake Shelton crouch his way through “Pour Some Sugar on Me” has altered me in unspeakable ways.

5. Limitless Potential
Jacquie Lee is a dynamo, one of the most fearless performers on the show this season. That being said, I didn't think “And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going” was the ideal choice for a final song. After hearing it seamlessly performed by Jennifer Hudson and more recently by Jessica Sanchez on Fox's “American Idol,” it's hard NOT to compare and hear the hits and misses in Jacquie's rendition. Her passion is CLEAR, but her technical ability is still in progress. However, she has limitless potential and could very well take this whole thing.

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6. To space and back
Did anyone notice all the space-inspired staging on Monday night? We had a starry sky for Will Champlin on “Not Over You,” an opera house in the bowels of space and time for Jacquie and coach Christina Aguilera‘s “We Remain” and a speed of light voyage for the group performance of “I'll Be There.” Someone has clearly been reading the space cats twitter feed and feeling inspired. I'm totally down with that.

7. Everything I do, this song doesn't do it for you
Will Champlin is a great singer and a wonderful instrumentalist. Despite a strong start, he's been an underdog the whole season – changing teams three times and being saved once by his coach. He's had to fight and claw his way out of a corner every week, and I can't help but root for him, so I wanted to throw a shoe at my TV when Adam assigned him “Everything I Do, I Do It For You.” Yes, it's an awesome 90's song, but it's also a little insipid and ponderous. Most importantly, it didn't allow for one of Will's wild card vocal performances where he just goes for it and lets loose (which doesn't always work, but when it does? It's fantastic). I also wonder why he didn't play one instrument last night. He and Adam even bonded over being multi-instrumentalists – then they stood on a stage to do their duet hands-free. These were all very disappointing creative choices that hindered Will's ability to do Will.

8. Ouch, Adam!
Dear Adam – we get you love Tessanne, but maybe now (right before Will's final performance) is not the time to say Tessanne has won “The Voice.” I get that you're genuinely blown away by Tessanne (I am too), but while you still have two of your team members on the show, a little restraint is a good thing. Just try to keep it a baby's breath more subtle. For the children (and by children I mean me). Love, Katrina.

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9. Let it be reggae
Both of Team Adam's coach duets were solid (I won't mention Team Christina's, ok? Let's just act like that didn't happen), but the real standout was Tessanne and Adam's “Let it Be.” It was relaxed, lovely and actually felt like a duet. The surprise reggae breakdown was icing on the cake.

10. Chillest baby
This award has to go to Will's daughter who slept through one performance and then played it cool during his last song – staring at the camera like “What?? Deal with it.” I like the cut of your jib, baby!

I just want to say THANK YOU for hanging this season and letting me give a 50 percent serious/50 percent absurd take on one of my favorite shows. Your comments and shares have been greatly appreciated.

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  • David Perkins

    It'll be a shocker if Tessanne doesn't win tonight. All of the key variables seem to be pointing that way. And, she probably deserves it. I guess. Yay. Rah-rah. Yawn. If I appear less than thrilled, it's only because I am less than thrilled. Overall, I'd give the Season 5 edition of The Voice a C- grade. Early on, I was excited by Holly Henry, Caroline Pennell and others with unique voices. As they went away — by fault of their own or their coach — my expectation that Season 5 might find a breakout star faded away with them. Sure, this season's finalists have talent and strong voices. But, I'm not really drawn to any of them. Ever the optimist, I'm looking forward to the return of Usher and Shakira, and especially Shakira in the spring. It's been great fun reading your posts, and I hope you plan to return for Season 6. I wish you great joy for the holidays!

    • CEBrown

      Personally,I'd like to see Will win beacause he's the one most likely to NEED the show to succeed. Tess is one of the 5, maybe 3 greatest talents to make it through the show,but if she keeps up with it, Jacquie could surpass not only Tess but her own coach in a few years – she's not there YET – but if she wants to she WILL be. Will is just solid and FUN.

      • David Perkins

        I'm not sure how you calculate ‘need.’ Will is the offspring of an iconic US pop music group and has had access to Dad's studio in the mansion since he was a toddler. The Voice producers tended to play down Will's music ‘royalty’ (as well as Tessanne's vast experience) during the show's backstories, and that's fine. But, I suspect that Will has easy access to decision-makers in the music biz — something he would have had with or without the show. What Will needs is for Dad to pick up the phone, and make a few well-placed calls.

        • BethSue

          Yeah, having Tessanne do a Jimmy Cliff song was certainly downplaying her experience. LOL

      • Katrina Parker

        Jacquie has a ton of potential! I mean, look at how much she's grown this season already??Will has definitely been an underdog this season, someone I've been rooting for (despite my love of Tessanne, I'd be fine with a Will win!), and agreed re: Tessanne – she's one the greatest singers to be on the show so far.

    • Katrina Parker

      I miss Caroline myself, but I was still pretty sucked into the last few weeks of competition, I love that it could be anyone's game at this point – the element of surprise has made it much more interesting to me. :)

      Thanks for commenting all season! It's been a pleasure!

      • David Perkins

        And thanks to you, too, for writing the most intelligent and wicked fun weekly column on The Voice with unbiased enthusiasm, and for encouraging rational commentary, a rarity these days. In fact, your posts are responsible for introducing me to The Wrap. (Can you hear me now, Sharon? Jethro?) Cheers!

        • Jethro Nededog

          We hear you David. Thanks for your reasoned and smart comments all season! Thanks for trying out TheWrap!

          • David Perkins

            And, thank you, sir, for your response.. It means a lot. FYI, The Wrap currently holds an important column on my home page (upper right, above the fold), and I'm following it way too closely. Katrina's coverage of The Voice brought me to your superb site and I'm thankful for it. Keep up the great work, and have the happiest of holidays.

    • Reggie53

      Stop bashing Tessanne for having won The Voice. She has talent and she deserved to win. Get over it!!!!!!

      • Hugh G Rection

        Is it true she's changing her given name to Balzon?

        • Reggie53

          Is that meant to be a joke? If it is, it is not funny at all!!!!!

  • David Perkins

    Having watched the final, I have to ask a couple of serious questions. Yeah, it's nice that Tessanne won. But, did you watch Jacquie perform with Paramore? Wow! Why didn't she perform more songs in this vein during the live shows? C'mon man! Did you hear Matthew during ‘Bohemian Rhapsody?’ Wow! Why did Matthew have to follow up the ‘Hallelujah” hit with such duds? C'mon man! The answer is: Christina is a horrible coach/mentor. I can't wait for Shakira's return.

    • Mikki Peterick

      I agree… Christina only talked about herself and how great she is.. blah..

    • yolanda roach

      I agree

  • scott206

    Tessanne deserved to win on merit alone, but they really need to do something about allowing professionals in the competition. I thought the premise was to find undiscovered talent. She toured with Jimmy Cliff, that's hardly what I'd call an amateur.

    • Reggie53

      Well, Tessanne was undiscovered because she was still singing as a backup artist. She wants to make a name of her own and she felt that being on a show like The Voice would definitely help her career. It is like getting a job in your chosen profession and not expecting to get a promotion to move you up in your field of work. It is the same thing for Tessanne. she knows she is a talented singer but she was not satisfied in being in the background and she found a way to become what she always dreamed about….being discovered and able to have her own success. Why are you begrudging her this chance? She was undiscovered until she became a contestant on The Voice.

      • Michelle

        Well said Reggie53!!

      • Katrina Parker

        It truly is part of what differentiates this show from others – it's all about second chance stories. “)

    • Love Dallas

      Exactly how long have you been watching the Voice – duh past contestants include back up singers for Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Eagles, Alicia Keys etc….. it's called the Voice not the Amateur Voice

    • wat

      The fact that they pick working artists looking for their big break instead picking random no name amateurs is brilliant. That's why the talent is always so much better, thus making the show more entertaining. Also, being a backup singer is the definition of an amateur. You literally just stand in the back harmonizing with the REAL star. No one ever knows your name or even notices you or your voice.

  • kenneth smallwood

    *-*YOO who cares wheres my food stamps i need a drink & play lotto & score Quot – beavis & butt-head

  • xheyheyo

    Thanks for the great blogs this season, Katrina. Love to hear your perspective and hope you're back for next season.

    Have yourself a merry little holiday season!

    • Katrina Parker

      Aw, thank you for reading (& for the kind words). :) Happy holidays to you also! xo

  • ImaMsFit

    My most major disappointment this season was losing Matthew. I really enjoyed his music and hope someone saw him that can help him further his career. In part, isn't that what The Voice is about, exposure?

    • Katrina Parker

      I'm certain Matthew is going to do well! I didn't win, and still “The Voice: opened doors for me that would not have opened otherwise opened. It is what you make of it! (& he seems like a smart guy – he'll excel!). :)

    • yolanda roach

      Mathew should have been one of the finalists he would have given Tessanne a run for her money Mathew could have taken it all I believe that they choose who they want Christina was only lookingJacquie

    • wat

      Matthew left because he couldn't keep the momentum going after Hallelujah. He's incredibly talented but that talent wasn't reflect in his performances after Hallelujah, which were subpar at best.

  • Guest

    Her voice is not as pretty as Whitney Houston's! I am tired of these copy cats! Get your own style of music and culture while she at it!

    • Charmin Anderson

      #Guess you must have missed her singing reggae and speaking patois all season long. Her voice may not be as pretty as whitney, as she is not whitney. She is Tessanne and her voice is pretty for Tessanne. Don't hate as she has achieve something you have not she is undeniably the voice, you cannot lay claim to that title and no one can take that away from her. I am sorry to see you so bitter, not only her but all other contestants sang songs that were not their own, and when she song the whitney she did make the song her own, however, she did play tribute to a great artist who is pass and gone. Stop hating it makes you sound a tad jealous that a girl from a tiny island came and conquer the great America.
      Go Tessanne you are Jamaican, thus you are little, but yuh tallawah (meaning she is little but strong)

      • janet

        sorry hater.
        if you can't say something nice about tessanne please don't, hold your opinion no one wants to hear weather her voice was suitable or not, she has deliver and amen so let it be. if it wasn't tessanne, it would have be one of the other so go take a chill pill

        • wat

          You replied to the wrong comment…

  • Lenka Fraguela

    Adam Levine disappoint me terribly, his comments about Tessanne, that she was the winner of the voice, right before Will's performance was very unprofessional, disrespectful, inappropriate. In my opinion, Will is the winner! and You are not the sexiest man alive :(

  • carynnyrac

    Great, funny article. I agree with the comment about Adam's comment about Tessannee being the winner just prior to Will taking the stage. Would Will have heard that? Not exactly a confidence booster. I love the comment about pretending the Christina/Jacquie duet didnt happen. And I thought it was just me who thought it was kind of… I dont know what. Ok, here is a question. I am confused about the cars. What happened? I heard Will say right away that he had dibs on the SUV and that it would be great for his baby girl and then I see Carson asking Tessanne about Jamaican roads and then he says she gets the SUV. So did Will get pushed aside or did he change his mind about the car before the scene with Carson?

    • wat

      Late reply but Kia could easily give them both SUV's lol. They never said they had to pick from those PARTICULAR three cars on the Grinch set.