American Music Awards 2013: The Winners List

American Music Awards 2013: The Winners List

From Taylor Swift to Justin Timberlake, all of the awesome people who took home yet another trophy on Sunday night, yay them!

The American Music Awards went off in Los Angeles on Sunday Night, to much grandeur and fanfare.

Check out the winners list below, as decided by the fans, which as we know are the people that really matter, until they can't afford to prop these artists up with their hard-earned money due to a terminally stalled economy. After which point they become non-entities.

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Artist of the Year: Taylor Swift

New Artist of the Year: Ariana Grande

Single of the Year: Florida Georgia Line Featuring Nelly, “Cruise”

Favorite Male Artist — Pop/Rock: Justin Timberlake

Favorite Female Artist — Pop/Rock: Taylor Swift

Favorite Band, Duo or Group — Pop/Rock: One Direction

Favorite Album — Pop/Rock: One Direction, “Take Me Home”

Favorite Male Artist — County: Luke Bryan

Favorite Female Artist — Country: Taylor Swift

Favorite Band, Duo or Group — County: Lady Antebellum

Favorite Album — Country” Taylor Swift, “Red”

Favorite Artist — Rap/Hip-Hop: Mackleore & Ryan Lewis

Favorite Album — Rap/Hip-Hop: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, “The Heist”

Favorite Male Artist — Soul/R&B: Justin Timberlake

Favorite Female Artist — Soul/R&B: Rihanna

Favorite Album — Soul/R&B: Justin Timberlake, “The 20/20 Experience”

Favorite Artist — Alternative Rock: Imagine Dragons

Favorite Artist — Latin: Marc Anthony

  • patrickstibbs

    How utterly boring. These awards given are just a reflection of how poor radio is today; even the internet, which should be a new artist's saving grace, is pathetic.

    I can't blame the fans, its all they hear and are exposed to. i feel bad for the thousands of musicians whose talent continues to go unheard.

    • mimiabelle

      I agree, and unlike some other responders (whose reading levels are questionable), I get that you're calling the *roster of winners* boring (not necessarily the performances on the show, though maybe you're referring to both). Anywho. these awards are a perfect reflection of American mediocrity. Like, why are the same people winning all the awards? Taylor swift as pop and country? Justin Timb as pop and R&B. LAME. Shows that the idiots doing these awards have no idea what authentic country or R&B are. Who's in charge of this? Vanilla white bread toast Walmart people with no exposure to quality music from an array of genres. Ugh. I. Can't. Glad I missed the show- these winners are dumb (look how immature and mad they make me!).

  • Lori Hill

    Boring, REALLY? I would hardly say it was boring. JT did an outstanding performance as did Miley, Ariana, Rhianna and the rest of the entertainers.

  • dannyjude63

    Patrick, DId you watch the show? It was not boring. I thought every performance was great! Even those I wasn't’ expecting to be.