‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ Opens to Huge $75 Million Overseas

'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' Opens to Huge $75 Million Overseas

Disney's Marvel superhero sequel opens at No. 1 in 30 of 32 markets in which it debuted

Disney's “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” roared out of the gate, taking in $75.2 million in its overseas box-office debut this weekend.

The action adventure dominated the international market, with current estimated openings at No. 1 in all but two of its 32 markets. It opens in the U.S. on Friday and is tracking for the year's biggest domestic debut, at more than $80 million-plus.

The biggest overseas markets were Korea with $10.9 million and the U.K. with $10.7 million. The U.K. figure is telling — the first “Captain America” did $14.7 million over the course of its entire run there. Other strong markets include Mexico ($8.7 million), France ($6.4 million), Italy ($3.9 million) and Germany ($3.8 million).

The superhero sequel is the third to open since “Marvel's The Avengers,” and “The Winter Soldier” clearly rode the momentum provided by the 2012 superhero blockbuster to its big debut.

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The original 2011 film was a hit. “Captain America: The First Avengers,” distributed by Paramount and produced for $140 million, opened to an impressive $65 million in North America. It went on to take in $176 million domestically and another $194 million overseas.

That was pre-”Avengers,” though — and that 2012 blockbuster's $1.5 billion global haul changed the game for all subsequent films in Marvel's cinematic universe.

“Iron Man 3” and “Thor: Dark World” played more like follow-ups to Joss Whedon‘s team-up film than their originals. “Iron Man 3,” the first Marvel movie after “The Avengers,” nearly doubled the $623 million worldwide haul of “Iron Man 2” with $1.21 billion. And last November, the Thor sequel brought in $644 globally, compared to the $449 million that Kenneth Branagh's original film took in.

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Chris Evans returns as the red-white-and-blue crusader Steve Rogers in “Winter Soldier,” which carries a $170 million production budget. Scarlett Johansson, Samuel L. Jackson, Anthony Mackie and Robert Redford co-star. The screenwriters are Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely (“Thor: The Dark World”), working from a story by comic book writer Ed Brubaker, and the directors are Anthony Russo and Joe Russo, taking over for Joe Johnston.

The plot features Rogers struggling to embrace his role in the modern world, while battling the Soviet agent known as the Winter Soldier. Given that story line, it will be interesting to see how it plays in Russia, where the film opens on Thursday — particularly given the recent tension between the U.S. and Russia over Crimea.

  • boosiv

    I wonder who were those 2 countries.

    • pnut166

      Pakistan & Afghanistan. The #1 spot went to the light-fare date movie ” You`ve Got Mail-Bomb”

      • commoner

        the movie is not opening in Pakistan any time soon but why would you try to know that fact you nut.

  • Aquartertoseven

    Sucks that in Europe, Thor 2 did much better in its first week, considering how much of a misfire that film was and how amazing Cap 2 is said to be.

    • pnut166

      Thor plays to nordic roots.

    • fred

      Europe has been a little strange when it comes to Marvel films, though they have done well over there they perform even better in Asia and South America.

  • http://www.andrewleeke.com/ Obscura

    While i enjoyed the dark world, winter soldier is so much better. Its managed to really feel like a sequel to both the first cap movie and the avengers in equal measure, and I think this will really help its gross. And it begs for repeat viewings. Think this one will be closer to iron man 3 numbers than Thor: the dark world.

  • John Wayne

    I'm sure one of them was Russia and the other maybe China? Both Govt's hate the United States and CAPTAIN AMERICA would sell to their Socialist Govts. I could be wrong but the people of those Countries love the United States and understand what we stand for: Something those two countries can't and won't. FREEDOM, True Freedom!

    • brian577

      You don't know much about the Chinese movie market do you? China only allows 34 foreign films a year. There is no guarantee Winter Soldier was among those 34 and considering China is pretty strict on what it considers subversive, odds are it didn't make the cut. You also obviously didn't read the article because the movie doesn't’ open in Russia until Thursday.

    • Mark

      Cap 2 opens in Russia and China on Friday, the same as the US

    • Jord Z

      so people are watching the film just cuz they love america and its stand for freedom? How ridiculous. Cant believe some actually believe the caraap they write. Its a SUPERHERO comicbook movie not factual documentary!

    • fred

      Like brian577 said you ready don't know too much about China do you. “The Avengers”, “Iron Man 3” & “Thor: The Dark World” all did over 90, 120 and 60 million over there at the box office. Marvel films do big business over there and FYI the ‘Winter Soldier’ has yet to open there, it opens in China later this week I believe.

      • EC

        It opened on the same exact day in China as it did in the US, people. And nobody watches Captain America because they love America. They watch it because its a well-made, special effects-laden action movie with lots of stuff that blows up. Same as you.

        • fred

          Exactly, and there is no doubt in my mind that the film will perform well in China. You're right, it doesn't matter that the film is called Captain America, if it's well made which it is, people will go see it, no matter what country you reside in.

  • http://www.1point9tours.co.za Eugene Veldsman

    I loved the movie.