Dailies | Dr. Phil to Interview Cleveland Kidnapping Victim Michelle Knight (Video)

Dr. Phil to Interview Cleveland Kidnapping Victim Michelle Knight (Video)

The two-part exclusive interview airs Tuesday and Wednesday

Michelle Knight, the first of Ariel Castro's Cleveland kidnapping victim, will share her story Tuesday and Wednesday on “Dr. Phil.”

The two-part exclusive interview will reveal “unspeakable acts of cruelty that took place inside Cleveland's now notorious house of horrors,” the show's website says.

A sneak peak video shows Dr. Phil painting a picture of Knight, in Castro's basement, chained to a pole with a helmet on, with chains around her neck. In the same teaser, Knight also recounts her mouth being taped shut with duct tape.

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The “Dr. Phil” website says that in the interview, Knight speaks about the “horrific, unrelenting physical, sexual and mental abuse” she endured. The survivor, who was the first of Castro's kidnapping victims, also speaks about the first time she encountered victims number two and three, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus, who were abducted later.

Castro held Knight and the other two young women captive inside his Cleveland home for a decade, before they were finally rescued in May. Castro was arrested and sentenced to life in prison. But three weeks into his sentence, in September, Castro committed suicide, hanging himself.

Watch the clip:

  • Me

    Guess they couldn't get any real medical professionals to do this.

  • Devin McMusters

    Dr. Phil is a ghoul taking advantage of a damaged young girl who needs real help.

  • Justin Graziano

    Oh my goodness I feel sorry for that woman, the guy stuck those hooks in her lip and nose and eyebrow. And I guess the doctors cant remove them. Oh my God that's horrible that poor lady, having to walk around everyday with those hooks sticking out of her face. I'll pray for you maam.

  • Flowers is my last name.

    Michelle, don't listen to these guys, they r stupid, could never understand till they walk a mile in your shoes. I don't think they r brave enough to fill your shoes. I like the thing u wrote about the butterfly…HOPE…sometimes it's all we have. My mom used to tell me when I complain bout stuff not going my way. Things will change, it cant stay this way forever…it's life. I cant imagine how hard it was for. U give other girls who want to find their way home, hope too. My fav bear as a child was Winnie Pooh & he said this. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think.
    This is your time now. Live it the way you want to. Surround yourself with positive people…you know the kind make you feel better about yourself. I keep you in my prayers. Stay strong.