Dailies | Jimmy Fallon ‘Tonight Show’ Spot Looks Back at Late Night History – Includes Conan Cameo (Video)

Jimmy Fallon 'Tonight Show' Spot Looks Back at Late Night History – Includes Conan Cameo (Video)

“The Tonight Show” commercial doesn't excise its most painful chapter, but it does glide over it

“The Tonight Show” honors its past while looking to its future in a new spot for incoming host Jimmy Fallon.

The nostalgic commercial features footage of past hosts Jack Paar, Steve Allen, Johnny Carson and Jay Leno, interspersed with clips from Fallon's current late night show.

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NBC must have been a particularly generous mood during its look back at 60 years of comedy programming, because the network even included a fleeting shot of Conan O'Brien in its clip reel. It's blink and you miss it, but he's there, which is impressive in a way.

O'Brien's seven-month stint in “The Tonight Show” host chair was a painful one, marked by low-ratings and the 2010 departure of the ginger haired comedian from the network that made his name. There were multi-million payouts and bad blood. That part doesn't make the reel.

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Jay Leno took the show back after O'Brien left, and the footage includes a clip of “The Tonight Show” host introducing Fallon and by extension passing the baton to the younger comic.

Fallon gets his own crack at the venerable brand on Feb. 17, when his take on the show debuts. ”Saturday Night Live” veteran Seth Meyers will then slide into Fallon's old gig, emceeing “Late Night” starting on Feb. 24.

Watch the video:

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  • MaximumOvertroll

    I stopped watching when Johnny retired and I still don't see any reason to start watching now… Hacks replacing hacks, you had my attention with Conan and immediately lost it.

    • Guest 2

      Oh you gotta watch Jimmy Fallon….he's hilarious !! I haven't watched Leno at all, didn't think he was funny and he didn't deserve the job when he got it!! It also would take a moron to think Conan (nothing personal) could carry the Tonight Show. But I honestly think they've found the perfect person for the job !! Watch him a couple of weeks, if he doesn't make you laugh, I feel for ya !! lol

      • MaximumOvertroll

        i watched him when he was on SNL, he's so bad i stopped watching SNL.

  • http://obsessivegiantscompulsive.blogspot.com/ obsessivegiantscompulsive

    Hopefully NBC will give Jimmy more of a chance than they gave Conan (and that Leno stays out for good). Good luck to Fallon, I'm looking forward to his take on this iconic show.

  • Jofus

    After seven months, Jimmy Fallon will leave and Jay Leno will be back yet again!