Dailies | Jimmy Fallon, Will Smith Perform ‘Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing’ on First ‘Tonight Show’ (Video)

Fallon kicked off his run on “Tonight” by busting some moves

Jimmy Fallon found his groove early in his first “Tonight Show.”

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The former “SNL” and “Late Night” star marked his first episode on Monday night with some of that young, cool, and relevant buzz that NBC so craves in its flagship after-hours program. Fallon and his first guest, Will Smith, donned overalls and some very 90's t-shirts to act out a brief history of hip-hop dancing, performing a long-line of moves (The Robot and “The Leg Thing No One Can Do” were memorable) that culminated in a one-man twerk.

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This, of course, is a variation of one of Fallon's favorite “Late Night” gags, which has included “The History of Rap” with Justin Timberlake and “Evolution of Mom Dancing” with Michelle Obama. Timberlake will be Fallon's guest on the Friday night edition of “Tonight.”

  • Frank

    Off to a bad start when you have Kim Kardashian make an appearance. I thought the promos promised A Listers. Click, the sound of a remote changing channels.

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    • MarkJeffries

      Bobby DeNiro isn't an A-lister, senile old fart Leno lover?