Dailies | Jimmy Kimmel Hammers Rob Ford Over His Most Embarrassing Moments (Video)

Jimmy Kimmel Hammers Rob Ford Over His Most Embarrassing Moments (Video)

The ABC late night host peppered the Toronto Mayor with pointed questions about his bizarre behavior

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford faced a barrage of questions over his past bizarre behavior and embarrassing moments Monday night as Jimmy Kimmel cross-examined the crack-smoking Canadian.

Ford opened Kimmel's show by tossing t-shirts into the crowd, apparently under the impression Kimmel would conduct a soft ball interview. ”Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that you are here, but why are you here?!” Kimmel quipped. “What good could come of this? Have you ever seen this show?”

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Kimmel immediately turned up the heat on Ford, reading complaints from Toronto citizens who found it irresponsible of him to appear on the show, and pointedly asked him about his alleged homophobia and inability to tell the truth.

“Is that all you got?” countered Ford, who defended his record as Mayor.

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Ford dodged and weaved through many of Kimmel's questions and even faced down video of some of his “greatest hits” with footage of his drunken benders and prat falls including his notorious Jamaican imitation. At times, Ford was beet red and sweaty from the uncomfortable questioning, but he trudged through the interview and tried to remain calm, cool and collected, arguing he was a fiscally responsible mayor.

Watch the interview:

  • Ivan

    Please don't judge us by this fool.

    • Curious

      Which one?

      • http://www.youtube.com/user/TheSubmissionChannel/videos The Submission Channel


  • Bored

    Jimmy Kimmel is a scavenging opportunist who relies upon cheap stunts to stay afloat. Sick of these pretenders on tv. Also, if I were a parent I'd be none too thrilled because even though he got a “grilling” the message is betray the public trust, do hardcore drugs, and get celebrated. The “grilling” is just a cya and everyone knows it. This isn't Charlie Rose, or even Jon Stewart. Kimmel knows exactly the lowbrow young audience his mandate says to lure, and his limited ability keep him from reaching beyond it.

  • Piete Koo

    Is Rob Ford and Chris Christie related? They both seem so gung-hoed.