J.J. Abrams’ TV Show Evolution: From ‘Felicity’ to ‘Revolution’ to ‘Almost Human’ (Photos)

Before “Star Wars” and “Star Trek,” Abrams had his thumbprint on more shows than one might realize — or remember. Take a trip down J.J. TV memory lane.

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"What About Brian" was a short-lived 2006-2007 show about a group of supportive friends in various stages of romantic relationships and friendships living in Los Angeles. What about J.J.? He executive produced.
  • erictan

    I don't remember “Undercovers” lasting more than a half dozen episodes… Is there any way to watch “Believe”? And “Person of Interest” is quite good, better than “Fringe”, and “Fringe” was quite good…

    • Johnny Mike

      “Believe” is airing in Spring 2014 on NBC. It will air on Sundays 9/8c.

  • Johnny Mike

    You forgot “Six Degrees”.