Dailies | Jon Hamm Mocks Dating Show Appearance: ‘Would You Have Picked Me?’ (Video)

Jon Hamm Mocks Dating Show Appearance: 'Would You Have Picked Me?' (Video)

The “Mad Men” star cringed as Craig Ferguson played the viral clip from the '90s

Craig Ferguson held Jon Hamm‘s feet to the fire over a dating game appearance from the 1990s where he promised a contestant “fabulous food, a little fabulous conversation and a fabulous foot massage for an evening of total fabulousity.”

“Did that woman pick you?” Ferguson asked the “Mad Men” star.

“Oh no, she did not!” Hamm exclaimed. “Would you have picked me?!”

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“I was making some questionable decisions with my life,” Hamm added.

Hamm said he liked the idea of an intern being forced to riffle through stacks of video tapes to find the dating show clip before uploading the footage to YouTube.

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“I was very annoyed you weren't picked,” Ferguson joshed.

“Oh, I'm not,” Hamm opined. “Think of how the world would've changed.”

Watch the video: