Dailies | ‘Little Couple’ Season Finale: Baby Zoey's Arrival Nears (Exclusive Video)

Bill and Jen cross another hurdle between them and their new daughter on the TLC reality series

Bill Klein and Jen Arnold get closer to bringing their new daughter home on Tuesday's season finale of TLC's “The Little Couple” at 10/9c.

On the one-hour season finale, their family is about to get bigger as they prepare to travel to India to adopt their daughter, Zoey. They've done this all before while adopting Will, but every adoption has its unique challenges.

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First, there's all the international permissions required to bring Zoey from India back to the United States. Then, there's the fact that Bill and Jen will have two toddlers to take care of during the trip. That means they have to find strollers that can fit two toddlers and can be maneuvered by little persons.

On top of that, Bill gets a call from the adoption agency that may derail the process altogether…

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In TheWrap's exclusive preview, the couple can at least check off one item from its to do list: Zoey's passport. Watch it above.

  • Victoria McGuire

    Please no more delays for them.

  • Pamela Rold

    you know those two babies are so lucky to have parents with great jobs so hopefully they will not have any worries. A momma that is a doctor, what could be better, a daddy that looks as if he is full of the dickens, and parents who both understand the obstacles by having gone through the same things these babies will be facing and knowing probably how they will feel at the same time. Good luck and love those babies. I love your program hope it stays on for a long time.

  • lucie2cute

    I'm so happy for you all what an amazing family full of love understanding and lets nothing stop you so love your show jen and bill and lil will and can't wait to see lil zoey to and dear rockie and maggie so excited for you all and thankyou for your lovely show and sharing with us

  • Constance McCaul

    I'm confussed! Tonight was suppose to be the final episode of Bill and Jen bringing Zoey home. Apparently, they didn't even get their daughter until 1pm today. (Oct. 15th) The News says that the Arnolds will be held up in India for the next two weeks. How is this going to happen? We are all waiting to share in their joy and to see their new little girl. Will we ever get that chance?

  • AKRealist99

    They earned their money and can do what they please with it. They can adopt 2 or 10 kids with the money they make from the show.
    It's clear the Jen loves the kids but she really does not relate to children well at all. Bill really seems like an ideal husband. He seems to give jen her way in just about everything and he will make the kid's childhoods special.

    • eraserhead12

      I think they balance each other well–Bill is very laid back and more physically affectionate, but Jen is more organized/disciplined/etc–I think those traits will especially come in handy later on when the kids are school-aged. They both make great role models, and clearly have big hearts.

    • Pat

      To realist99 are you a dr. In the neonatal department in your hospital? Are you a graduate of JohnsHopskin Hospital in Baltimore and other Internships that this strong , but small women went to? I bet the answer to that is NO! I bet you have no idea that she is a Dr who deals with and only with children. They may have made money from their show but Bill also has a business man. He Is lucky to be able to be at. Home they also have a nanny and her parents to help. You are a very jealous person who know's nothing about what this couple have achieved, before you open your Big Mouth do your research! People like you make me sick! Write again I'm waiting to shoot your comments down again.

  • Sandra Kelly-Whitson

    rethe little couple go get baby girl. really wanted to see them bring zoey home now the show dident come on ,on tues night whats going on ?

  • annie

    why wasnt show on last night? when will final epsiode be on?

  • Kim Lazore

    How come the show hasn't been on ????? I miss watching you'se !!! Little Couple

  • Nita

    I love The Little Couple. I never miss the show. I'm praying for Jan's cancer ( I read she has been diagonised with a rare form cancer) I know she is in God's hands, They have such a good attitude about it that it will be filmed on the show. I can't wait to see Zoey. They are wonderful parents and balance each other out.

  • Martinez family

    Excited for Tuesdays finale! The little couple has become part of our family. Jen our prayers are with you. You have been through so much that I know you will be fine the lord be with you and your adorable family.