Dailies | Michael Douglas Lied About Throat Cancer – It Was Tongue Cancer (Video)

Michael Douglas Lied About Throat Cancer – It Was Tongue Cancer (Video)

The actor explains the reason why to Samuel L. Jackson during Male Cancer Awareness Week

Michael Douglas admitted that he lied about having throat cancer in a recent on-camera conversation with fellow actor, golfer and cancer activist Samuel L. Jackson.

Douglas actually had tongue cancer, but he doctor convinced him to publicly say that it was throat cancer instead.

The man behind Gordon Gecko had a “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps” global tour coming up that he could not possibly cancel without a good public explanation. So Douglas told the world about his disease. He just wasn't fully honest.

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Douglas recalled his doctor helping him make the decision to be misleading: “He said, ‘Let's just say it's throat cancer,” Douglas recanted. “‘We don't want to say it's tongue cancer.'”

Naturally, he asked his doctor why.

“If we do have to do surgery, it's not gonna pretty  — you lose part of your jaw, your tongue, all that stuff,” his doctor explained. So they went with that.

Douglas had previously announced that he had throat cancer on “The Late Show,” later attributing the cause to engaging in oral sex. The candid discussion between the two friends took place on “This Morning” as part of its Male Cancer Awareness Week campaign.

Douglas is now cancer-free, he said in the new interview, and has been clean for two years. He told Jackson that with his type of cancer, that means there's a 95 percent chance that the disease will not return.

Jackson is a spokesperson for the male cancer awareness charity, One for the Boys.

Watch the video:

  • Ed

    Hey Mikey !! Soooo it was your TONGUE !!!

    …. you rascal you !
    Taking lessons from Horny Clinton, huh ….
    Mikey, at least you are not so full of yourself as George Clueless …

  • Antonio Augusto Castillo

    Fishy, fishy, fishy….

  • Valkerie Long

    This is really stupid. My husband had HPV cancer of the lingual tonsil – which is the tonsil at the base of the tongue, start of the throat. It's commonly referred to as throat cancer, unless our doctors were calling it head and neck cancer OR discussing exactly what would be surgically removed. It's not a lie to say he had throat cancer – who knew where the lingual tonsil was before diagnosis?

    Douglas’ comments are actually a lot clearer than the article, but the backtracking just confuses the heck out of cancer patients who are going through treatment for the same thing and look to Michael Douglas as a touchstone.

    For the record, HPV cancers can also be caused by french kisses you shared 20 years ago – I'm happy that focus on Douglas brought it to national attention.

    I know having chemo-head (basically, not really knowing what the heck is going on during your treatments because of the drugs you're taking,) is standard for most cancer patients. It is sandwiched in between the OMG I'm going to die panic where you don't get most of what is said to you, and the OMG what if it comes back panic.

    I'm really glad he mentions 95% chance … of survival.

    Sources: 2 Head and Neck Cancer specialist department heads – Surgery and Radiation, 1 Harvard Grad oncologist, countless Nurse Practitioners, 6 months of being a caregiver for someone getting cancer surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, 9 straight weeks of being in an infusion room 5 to 6 days a week and talking to other chemo patients, the Head and Neck cancers section of the Cancer Survivors Network Forum at Cancer.org and being really adept at hiding Michael Douglas articles from hubby.

  • Shortcut412

    It wasn't really a lie. It was just a simple ‘slip of the tongue’ wasn't it Mike?

  • chastityman2

    I feel like I/we, have been had…must be a gay thing…don't eat cats, ppussieesy

  • darin

    As long as the dude who may find something foreign has a job and has med. coverage.

  • commcowboy

    I admire Michael Douglas and Samuel L. Jackson as actors…two of the best….great in their profession…I only pray Douglas finds Jesus before its too late.