Sam Worthington, Anna Kendrick, Chris Messina Join Jennifer Aniston in ‘Cake’ (Exclusive)

Sam Worthington, Anna Kendrick, Chris Messina Join Jennifer Aniston in 'Cake' (Exclusive)

Daniel Barnz will direct from Patrick Tobin's script, which was voted to the 2013 Black List

Sam Worthington, Anna Kendrick, Chris Messina, Felicity Huffman, William H. Macy. Britt Robertson, Lucy Walters (“Shame”), Camille Mana (“Smart People”), Manuel Garcia Rulfo (“Bless Me, Ultima) and Oscar-nominated actress Marianne Jean-Baptiste (“Secrets & Lies”) will join Jennifer Aniston in the indie movie “Cake,” TheWrap has learned.

Daniel Barnz (“Won't Back Down”) will direct from Patrick Tobin's script, which was voted to the 2013 Black List.

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Aniston will play an acerbic woman named Claire who becomes fascinated by the suicide of Nina (Kendrick), a woman in her chronic pain support group. As she uncovers the details of Nina's suicide and develops a poignant relationship with Nina's husband (Worthington), Claire also grapples with her own very raw personal tragedy.

Messina will play Aniston's ex-husband who still cares about her deeply, while Huffman will play the facilitator of the support group. Kendrick will appear as a ghost who taunts Claire. Mana will play Claire's nurse, who has no patience for her demands.

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Adriana Barraza and Mamie Gummer co-star in the film, which Mark Canton is producing with Courtney Solomon, Ben Barnz and Kristin Hahn. Aniston will executive produce with Shyam Madiraju.

“Cake” is the first film under a new deal between After Dark Films and Shenghua Entertainment, which produces Chinese television. The new company is called Cinelou Films and it will produce five movies over the next 18 months budgeted at between $7 million and $10 million. WME Global, which co-reps “Cake” along with CAA, will represent Cinelou and assist in the sourcing and packaging of its films. Conquistador Entertainment began selling “Cake” at the European Film Market in Berlin.

Worthington, who can currently be seen in “Sabotage,” recently joined he cast of “Everest.” He'll soon be seen in the indie movie “The Keeping Room.” He's repped by CAA, Anonymous Content and Shanahan Management.

Kendrick had three debut at Sundance — “Happy Christmas,” “Life After Beth” and “The Voices.” She'll soon be seen as Cinderella in Disney's “Into the Woods.” She's repped by CAA and attorney Todd Rubenstein.

Messina currently stars on “The Mindy Project” and will soon be seen in David Gordon Green's “Manglehorn.” He's repped by WME and attorney Michael Gendler.

Robertson, who next stars in Brad Bird's “Tomorrowland,” is repped by Innovative Artists.

Macy and Huffman will soon be seen in the former's directorial debut “Rudderless,” which was recently acquired by Paramount. They're respectively repped by WME and CAA.

  • Sarah J

    Macy and Huffman in the same film. Do they play a couple?

  • Dre

    Woah – very interesting cast

  • sweetness

    A $7 million dollar budget and the loonistons swear Aniston gets $8 million per film, with what seems to be a ensemble movie, just how is this possible, is everyone working for free, but then again, we are talking about mostly TV actors and out of work actors, doubt they'll even get $100,000 each for their roles. Sounds like a very strange film with an even stranger cast, won't be seeing this one, that's for sure.

    • Guest

      You seem out of touch with the film world. No one is being paid their full rates in an indie film, so of course Aniston is not being paid her usual salary for this – nor is anyone else. But for her studio flicks, where she is usually drawing great box office, she is absolutely being paid her rate of $10+ million.

      This is also a great cast. Not sure who these “out of work” actors are you speak of. Again, sounds like you know little about films and are just an Aniston hater. Does it really make your day to troll the web for new info on her to spew lies and hate about?

      • Maria

        Great answer!

  • jhunted7667

    one can only wonder what is really going on in peoples lives , her films for the last ten years mimics her perception of her life this film is actually a variation I think of her wishes for someone else , Naughty , my Mother God rest her soul wanted me married , she tried everything in the book in clandestine ways to get me to meet the daughters of her friends , nothing ever worked finally , she said I have to deal with you in a straight forward way , this doctor who turned out to be a spy knew of an Heiress he told my mother about her , my mother asked me in a straightforward way if I would meet her , I did , she was a very desirable woman as a person but there was no chemistry , so nothing came from it , the point is you want an HONEST relationship , then it should be done in an honest way , doing the opposite of what your intended wants you to do only pushes him or her father away , Jealousy is something to be talked about and not acted out ,, what is Jealousy ? not picking up something yet not wanting anyone else to have it ? or is it wanting something and being too ashamed to ask for it , Famous people I suppose because of the popeRATzi have to resort to the extreme's to get what they want , no normal life for them , once she did friends , well her life was never the same again , when you want normal do the normal thing , walk away from Hollywood and in time normalcy will return to you

  • Nancy

    Yes, I'm here for Chris Messina!

  • anonymouse94

    Chris Messina and Anna Kendrick as a ghost? I'm sold.