Dailies | Samuel L. Jackson Slams KTLA Reporter Sam Rubin, Who Mistook Him for Laurence Fishburne (Video)

Samuel L. Jackson Slams KTLA Reporter Sam Rubin, Who Mistook Him for Laurence Fishburne (Video)

“We don't all look alike!” Jackson informs reporter

Samuel L. Jackson has never been one to hold his tongue, and a recent interview with Sam Rubin was no exception, after the longtime KTLA entertainment reporter mistook the “Robocop” actor for Laurence Fishburne.

Jackson was ostensibly doing the interview with the Los Angeles station to promote the upcoming “RoboCop” remake — a topic that took a back seat after the station's Rubin seemed to confuse him with “The Matrix” star.

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“Did you get a lot of reaction from that Super Bowl commercial?” Rubin asked, an apparent reference to Fishburne's “Matrix”-themed ad on big game day.

“What Super Bowl commercial?” a perplexed Jackson asked before putting two and two together.

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“You're as crazy as the people on Twitter!” Jackson shot back, in what might be one of the cruelest insults to be hurled in this age of social media. “I'm not Laurence Fishburne!

“We don't all look alike!” Jackson continued.

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“I am guilty!” Rubin replied, in an attempt to put an end to the issue, but no dice, as Jackson continued to lay into him.

“You're the entertainment reporter for this station and you don't know the difference between me and Laurence Fishburne?” Jackson asked. “There must be a very short line for your job.”

Rubin later apologized, calling his gaffe a “very amateur mistake” and insisting that he does, in fact, know who Samuel L. Jackson is.

“First and foremost, I do know who Samuel L. Jackson is,” Rubin said on air. “I pride myself on the fact that, unlike a lot of people who do this kind of work, more often than not, I really do know what I'm talking about but I didn't 30 minutes ago. And I'm really embarrassed about it, and I very much apologize to Samuel L. Jackson and anyone else who was offended by what was a very amateur mistake.”

Watch Rubin's boo-boo and his subsequent apology below.

  • Jones

    KTLA needs to can this clown. Black people do not all look alike.

    • Olivia

      Him being black has NOTHING to do with it!!!!!!!! Why does always go back there. They look alike. I mix up actors all the time WHITE ones!!!!!!!!!

      • Davyjc

        Olivia, you're as dense as Sam Rubin!!! And that's pretty dense. Please tell me, you mix up Tom Cruise and Woody Harrelson? Or Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Ashton Kutcher? Happens all the time, right, Olivia. Wake up!!!!!

        • Matthew Phillips

          Morgan Freeman and Nelson Mandela do as well. If you say they don't, you are lying to yourself.

          • Hilander Mcleaod

            You really dawn! Mandela does not look like Morgan freeman…The movie try to make them look alike…I guess Mohamed Ali also looks like Will smith right?

          • Matthew Phillips

            Nope, Smith doesn't look like Ali IMO. But Freeman does look like Mandela. I suppose black people are considered racist too if they think Josh Duhamel looks like Timothy Oliphant.

        • Yawn again

          Matt Damon & Mark Walberg, Natelie Portman & Keira Knightly, Tina Fey & Tbag Queen, Davyjc & SLJ. Judge much? One mistake doesn't make an epidemic. Just in case you're dense: People make mistakes about identity all the time. It's called bad memory, has to do with the grey stuff in our heads, irregardless of the color of the bag that holds our inner workings in place.

        • Confused

          R.I.P Ashton

      • http://mysite.verizon.net/vzepr1xp/index.html unsean

        Umm…how would you know? Believe it or not, there are some white people who think all blacks look alike.

        Now, you may not want to believe that that's the case, which is another matter entirely.

      • Hilander Mcleaod

        Really Olivia do you think they look alike? SL Jackson and Fishburne? What is making it sound racist even if you do not agree is the fact that, RACIST PEOPLE LIKE PUTTING PEOPLE IN BULK BECAUSE OF THEIR SKIN COLOR and make allegation like your THEY LOOK ALIKE!…By denying people their individualities because you see them all the same in skin color you are RACIST…WHy dont you say the same for the people of your own race? Because you care on knowing them as individuals and for other races! YEAH THEY ARE BLACKS ALL THE SAME!….YOU ARE A MORON!

        • Mr.Mosley

          ITS NOT FUNNY TO THE THOUSAND OF Wrongly Convicted BLACK MAN in JAIL …..Because of some good intentions white person, made a mistake

    • patrickstibbs

      Actually, Billy Dee Williams and Ray Parker Jr. do.

    • Matthew Phillips

      Can him? You don't think Samuel did a good enough job of putting this clown in his place? I love Samuel L. and his response was witty but no need to fire this dude. Better to let him stay on the job so it is really awkward for him the next time he interviews Samuel L.

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    • Dedee Clancey

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    • Charlie D

      i don't think he should get canned as people have said Samuel L Jackson made him feel about as bad as he could and i thought it was awesome

      • Charlie D

        to be clear i think Samuel's making him feel bad was awesome not the reporters mistake

  • Jim


    That's ok!!!!!

    I get Jennifer Hate Hewfatso confused with Adolf Hitler.

  • Olivia

    What's the big deal? I've mixed them up also? I mix up a ton of actors.. What an idiot. Take a line from your book that I have passed around 1000 times & SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!! I don't like you anymore & I'm not promoting your book.. Grow up Sam~

  • Mara

    Sam – where's your prep? There is no time to wing it when you're going on the air and you know it. We're counting on you!

  • 2tall4u

    ROFLMAO!!! Sometimes you've just have to set ‘em straight. :)

  • Barbara Stricker

    All I can say is: I thought Samuel S looked really cute while he was protesting that fella's mistake and I thought he did so fairly gently …. and with humor!

  • patrickstibbs

    Damn. I though it was Moses Gunn.

  • yojimbo

    Not sure why anyone is surprised by Sam Rubin or the countless others who the same job on major markets , cable and syndicated networks. With all respect to those of you who feel Sam Rubin and his apology is acceptable I suggest that you remember that this is his job and only job. This would be a similar situation if Mark Kriski the weatherman tells folks in Temecula that it's going to rain and that there are severe flood warnings instead of Tehachapi . I would agree that a common mistake is acceptable except Sam Rubin and his fellow entertainment reporters have made these errors on a regular basis over the last twenty years with their inane questions and questionable flubs. Yes, when you are not the perceived expert in the field, its acceptable. It would be similar to confusing John Laroquette with John Lithgow. Color has no place in this error of confusion except that it is one element which the two talented actors share. Shame on Sam Rubin . Apology is not to be directed to anyone except Lawrence Fishburne and Samuel Jackson off camera. Hopefully, they will accept then you can go back on the air detailing the indiscretion otherwise no matter how professional you appear to be or how unprofessional you were a half hour before doesn't change the mistake unless we hear from Jackson and Fishburne that they accept your apology. The audience doesn't need or want your apology. But these actors and their representatives deserve it.

  • syounger64

    I confuse which Sam is talking. Lol. Sorry but Sam I am Rubin is a damn fool. People make mistakes but not on TV like this. He'll never live this one down. Samuel Jackson is a far bigger celebrity than Lawrence Fishburne. Hated his work on CSI and don't even like him on Hannibal. Just to make sure you know… that's Lawrence Fishburne. Lol

    • Matthew Phillips

      Lawrence Fishburne was pimp in The Matrix though…and Boyz in the Hood.

    • spelly

      It's LAURENCE Fishburne.

      Racist alert!

  • Danny Auth

    So you're gonna tell me you've never mixed up Bill Paxton and Bill Pullman?

  • Mistergod G-damit

    Jeeze, honest mistake. Now some guy with a chip on his shoulder chews out some guy just cause he's white. How many white actors are often confused with other actors. Like none of you never made a mistake. Get that chip off your shoulder.

    • tcs

      Agreed. People are saying Samuel Jackson was “cute” about it? Sounds like he was obnoxious and ungracious. The guy apologized, white actors get mixed up too.

  • Ellie

    Fire Rubin's ass. He's a disgrace to the industry he supposedly represents. Can you imagine a sports reporter making the same ‘look-alike’ mistake? He'd be pounding the payment. Say goodnight Sam Rubin.

  • Obamon

    Nowhere can this man still host a program here in LA.

  • George

    Matt Damon and Mark Walberg get mixed up all the time. They both laugh about it. They're around the same age, both actors and look a little alike…. Just like some might, say Samuel and Lawrence. What's the big deal? Why is this now a black thing? Put down the race card, it's been worn out.

  • Rory

    how dumb are you people in the comments, if you watch the full video, Sam Rubin says the MARVEL COMMERCIAL. Which did in fact run during the super bowl. Sam J is just a dick. Rubin should have cleared it up and threw him out for being a clown.

    • Yup

      You're right.

  • Benjamin Roussey

    Major mistake reporter.

  • Benjamin Roussey

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  • Benjamin Roussey

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  • kc

    he is only human…..s jackson overreacted and he needs to get over it, he is not all that.

  • Jason Morris

    SLJ is another angry black man looking for any excuse to cry racism, when in fact, it is obvious he is the racist. He is just waiting for any perceived slight to stick it to the white man. i am completely sick of it. One would have thought Obama getting elected would have made things better, when in fact it has made things worse. I have noticed more black folks acting openly hostile towards me than ever and it can only be because of the color of my skin. I am sick of being looked at with eyes filled with hate, simply because I am white. If it happens in a situation where I am the customer, I have started to immediately bring it to the attention of management. Of course, you can't call it like it really is, but you can say you were treated rudely and with disrespect. Now I do it every time it happens. Sick to death of it and won't take it anymore.

    • tjs18

      Had 2 incidents like this happen just yesterday. What you are seeing is people feel empowered to exercise their racial hatred of whites because the race card has become such a powerful weapon these days. Hispanics do it too.

    • maliurj

      Jason, black as I am…I feel you, brother! The hate will never stop until people start perceiving each other as human beings. The race issue is the biggest yoke that black folks have carried around their necks notwithstanding the yoke of slavery. Yet many claim religiosity and still cannot shake the demonic grip of this affliction. The strength of a people is recognized and respected by the way they treat others. Black folks ran for freedom during the time of “physical slavery” but very rarely you read about them killing their masters except when Nat Turner could not take it anymore. The point is the same racism that was and still is viewed as a scourge has become the infrastructure within the heart of too many…whites included. The change that we yearningly desire must first occur within…the heart. Once a person is courageous enough to stick to the blue-print of being human, wonderful and miraculous outcomes are inevitable. Peace!

      • Jason Morris

        “infrastructure within the heart” indeed! Very well said and agreed, Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me is something we all should strive for. thank you.

  • stfu

    Why is it always a race issue with you black people

  • suge380

    Fcuk all who disagree. That is disrespectful to do a interview and not know your facts. SLJ has every right to get angry. And wtf does Obama have to do with this, if u don't want the insurance, don't sign up for it. Us as Americans whine to much over bs. A black man is president,get over it. Bush jacked this country up, admit it. I'm a black man, none of the crap Obama does helps me individually, I make to much money. So it is what it is.

  • GOPcongress

    Actually, Jacson WAS on a commercial for the Super Bowl. He was on an Avengers movie trailer, showing a prominent presence as character Nick Fury. So that is probably where Rubin got his wires crossed, though this is not an excuse.

  • Ezenwanyi

    Ultimately it was not about race. If you listen to the remainder of the interview, he makes similar comments about the white actors in his movie. Bottom line is that the reporter was not prepared for the interview. He is the entertainment reporter and therefore should have done his research. I don't think he should lose his job over this but I know he will never forget to be prepared again.

  • maliurj

    So what if he reminded him of Laurence Fishburne? LF is a credible character, smart, intelligent and does not spew expletives for loss of better words. LF is a gentleman and is much more socially apt than SLJ. So what if we all look alike? Fact of the matter is when some of us have self-worth issues or experiencing identity issues…we tend to take it out on others. SLJ needs to grow up or go back to school to learn how to deal with challenges. Diplomacy101 would be a good start. This poor old soul cannot carry on a conversation without using the F word. Tragic!

  • try thinking

    He said, he saw the Avengers commercial, what it like working with Marvel? Avengers had a commercial that aired during the super bowl. He wasn't wrong, his only mistake was backpedaling when Sam Jackson not angry.

  • Achtungg

    Samuel and Laurence were both in Super Bowl commercials; after watching the video a few times it's clear that SLJ took over the conversation and drove into a direction that wasn't the intention of Rubin just exactly as he said in his apology. I think Rubin knew exactly who he was talking to and just wanted to avoid having a confrontation with him since he was already going off the rails and it would have been difficult to reign in the situation given the time constraints and attitude that SLJ was giving him.

    In other words a whole lotta something about nothing brought to you by SLJ.

  • BanTheGOP

    Sam Rubin is an example of a Republican Tea Party racist KKK member, and deserves not only to be fired, but to be sued of his savings and kicked out of the street. All he will have left is his Tea Party / KKK meetings.

    • Mike Scorp

      Idiots out in full strength I see. Just look up.

      Jackson is an idiot looking for any excuse to pull the race card.

      Rubin said, which this publication conveniently left out: “I tell you what, working for Marvel, the Superbowl commercial, Did you get a lot of reaction from that Super Bowl commercial?”


      I unlike Rubin would have cut off Jackson, correcting him immediately.
      Pull that shit with me I'll bite your head off I don't care who you are or how famous you may be.