Dailies | Sarah Palin's ‘Amazing America’ Promo Is A Glorious Pageant of Grappling, Guns and Man Caves (Video)

Sarah Palin's 'Amazing America' Promo Is A Glorious Pageant of Grappling, Guns and Man Caves (Video)

Allow the “First Lady of the Outdoors” to introduce you to the freedom that we get to experience in this great nation

America, prepare your eyes for a treat.

A new promo for the former Alaska governor Sarah Palin's upcoming Sportsman Channel series “Amazing America” has hit the internet, showcasing the delights that await when the show premieres April 3.

See video: Sarah Palin's ‘Amazing America’ Teaser Is an Orgy of Red, White and Blue

“This show is gonna highlight the freedom that we get to experience in America,” Palin — billed in the promo as “the First Lady of the Outdoors” — promises.

Such as the freedom to set yourself up with a man cave, and festoon it with the mounted heads of formerly living animals. And the freedom to fire guns and drive real fast, though not necessarily at the same time.

And the inalienable right to climb into the wrestling ring and send your fellow man hurtling toward the mat.

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Watch the beauty of it all unfold in the video.

  • http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJBG9zqKlqSMeoGWk8Sabog iizthatiiz

    Looks terrific. Finally a show that represents America. Not the fairy tale crud coming out of Hollywood.

    • Bootsy

      Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…. that's funny! Thanks !

  • MaStEr_MoLd

    To this day, I do not understand why this woman is allowed to be any kind of celebrity at all. Why doesn't anyone shut her down by bringing up the simple fact that SHE QUIT HER GOVERNORSHIP? I mean, she quit! She just upped and left, and everyone is like; “oh, that quirky Sarah Palin! There she goes again!” Of course she's going to talk about freedom. She had the freedom to quit her job and then act like she's somebody special. I don't get it.

    • Exodus2011

      no, Sarah Palin resigned to free her Administration from the paralysis caused by having to defend against a never-ending flood of fear-instigated bogus ethics complaints, and to help America out of a very bad situation

      she completed 3 full legislative sessions before resigning – and all her promises to the Alaskan people fulfilled in that time … you could even think of it as an athlete completing a middle distance race 1 lap ahead of all the other runners! .. , or like a person completing a 3 hour examination in only 2 hours! ….. so efficient and productive was her time as Governor

      in fact what Gov Sarah Palin produced for her Alaskan constituents in 3 full legislative sessions, most Governors would not be able to deliver in two full terms!

      She is a marvel …one of a kind indeed … a Gift to America by Divine Providence, in her hour of extreme need …



      • Dutton

        Exodus–you just go ahead and believe that package of lies. Why not ask any Alaskan (not on her staff or her family members) about Sarah and the most common comment will be “worst Governor we ever had” or “all those valid unethical conduct complaints–most of them were true–she is dishonest and hires people to try to re-write the facts to picture her in a more favorable light.” She who remains to be named only has a 35 percent favorable rating in our state–why would anyone only listen to what she says in her ghostwritten books rather than spending some time researching the truth?

  • Exodus2011

    **This new show starting in April on The Sportsman Channel is to be a 12 part anthology series (1/2 hour per week) similar to what Ronald Reagan did, back in the day … but his were carried on radio

    I expect that Sarah Palin will address the same themes that Reagan did, speaking directly to American hearts …. featuring the values that have made America great in the past, and will continue to do so in the future

    This woman is Reagan 2.0, but on steroids IMV, due to her being a proven Reformer as well..

    I think The Sportsman Channel is likely to expand it's list of subscribers .. BIG TIME **__**

    #BeClingers —————————-> #AmericaRISING