Sylvia Browne, Famed Psychic and TV Personality, Dead at 77

Sylvia Browne, Famed Psychic and TV Personality, Dead at 77

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Made famous for appearances on “The Montel Williams Show” and “Larry King Live,” she died on Wednesday

Sylvia Browne, popular psychic and television personality, died on Wednesday morning at the Good Samaritan Hospital in San Jose, Calif. at 77, according to an announcement on her official website.

Browne made several appearances on television shows, including weekly appearances on “The Montel Williams Show,” “Larry King Live,” and “Unsolved Mysteries” for close to two decades.

She also lent her services to families, communities and law enforcement agencies for criminal investigations in the United States and Canada.

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She published more than 50 books, 22 of which made the New York Times Bestsellers List.

Raised in Kansas City, Mo, she said her psychic ability began at three-years–old.

In 1974, she founded The Nirvana Foundation for Psychic Research, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping others find happiness and make sense of life. In 1986, she formed the nonprofit organization, Society of Novus Spiritus (New Spirit) in order to create a community combining Gnostic Christian philosophies and spiritual life.

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Browne is survived by her husband Michael Ulery, sons Christopher and Paul Dufresne, three grandchildren, Angelia, Jeffrey, and William; and her sister Sharon Bortolussi.

A private memorial service has yet to be scheduled.

Watch Browne on “The Montel Williams Show” below:

  • Larry Weisberg

    But did she know she was going to die today?

  • rest in peace Sylvia

    She lived in a house that was torn apart by tornado and with her own life, she did not have this gift. Its to help others mainly. Her ex husband took her to the cleaners so she did not see that coming either.

  • Trisha

    She was a SCAM ARTIST and nothing more. UGH!!!!

  • mary mary

    I agree, she was a scam artist. How could people believe her crap?

  • Samantha Luty

    She may have been able to fool a lot of celebrities into thinking she was a psychic, however, I think she waw a fraud.

  • AA

    She was a HUMAN BEING and how disgusting is it that all of you contend with talking smack about her AFTER her death! She may have made a few mistakes in her very long career but she also helped THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of people including ME!! Where are all the people out there that she DID HELP? Coming to her aid? Of course not. All you hear is about the three freaking things she got wrong in her life because that is how this stinking world is. Always ready to swallow you whole at any minute. May those of you who bother to judge someone you don't even know face the same judgment!!!! And how many of YOU are out there trying to help people recover their loved ones and make a difference in this world? Easy to sit back and judge. Hard to be a bold, courageous person like Sylvia Browne was. She saved my life and if it weren't for her psychic gifts, I would not be here.

    • Kelley

      The fact of the matter is how do all these degrading people above know she was a fraud.?? Did she do something to each one of them to convince them otherwise?? Did you all have your negative powers detect her fraud?? You people are bashing a human being like as if murder was committed! Apparently none of you have ever experienced a higher power or the unexplained. I have seen & felt good & evil spirits, there are Angels, there are demons, there are good spirits, there are bad spirits & until all of you judgmental idiots above have experienced this, I suggest you keep what you seem to know for matter of fact cruel opinion & judgement to yourself. I hope one day you all experience someone who is lost & angry & can't move forward in life after & the coldness you feel at your neck, or objects being thrown at you by someone or something you can't see, then you tell me if she was able to talk to the other side. You don't have to believe in someone's abilities of this nature, in the end she gave people hope, she gave people closure & she gave them the strength to move forward w/ out further pain for there loss. That was her main purpose in life, and she was a SUCCESS!!! God speed Sylvia